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Vision thru negative strip


Had a seizure overnight I guess cause when I woke up I was fuzzyheaded but also when I looked across the room it was as if I were looking thru a black and white film negative. When I blinked I would see normal then back to the negative view.that happened 3 times.then my vision went back to normal.has anyone else had that?


Guess I should have previewed

Guess I should have previewed it,please replace the photo of individual wearing glasses with the Google profile photo. Thank you.I don't want my face everywhere.

That is scary. My symptoms

That is scary. My symptoms are strange too. Sometimes if I'm streased and tired, if I see colored translucent films or window tints, I feel the need to stare at them. Then I start to feel deja vu and my heart pounds. I become sort of transfixed if I see a car with red or blue tinted windows. Like those police helicopter windshield bubbles tinted blue. I inhale, then hold my breath. I keep feeling like there is a clue to a metaphysical mystery that I must concentrate on. Like something is trying to tell me something important. No seizures for me in 6 years though. Just glimpses.

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