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Still Living On (peom)


I wrote this about 5 Months ago. Dealing with epilepsy for almost 4 years. We all have to keep strong and keep living the best we can. Any info I can give I will give it.This Poem I think How I felt in the time all this happen to me. One day having a good job One accident and next thing you know you cant drive. Having to fight a doctor and my lawyer agreeing with him saying the epilepsy was not due to accident and then fighting back with a another doctor who agree with me. And then the 3 doctor Winning My settlement.workerscomp and disabilty for a while and then have them run out waiting for the SSI so it was tricky. Once I got SSI I started getting things in order.Here it is Still Living OnAs the Wind blows across the Plains, Blowing in my hair. Tears Dries across My Face.As the Snows Falls to the ground, I shiver Into the Night.Looking into the Night sky seeing the moon come out of the clouds.As the Birds sings into the world. I still wonder about this world.Still fighting, yet not alone. As love ones stand by me I still live.Missing the Past for How it been lost.Sitting here in the present waiting for the future.For many things will change. And I can't stop them.But two things hold's me together is my heart and my soul.For this battle is going to be hard and they give me faith.And if they where not there I would of lost it long ago.Like a swordsman with out a Sword. Or a Poet with out a Poem.But this is me who trying to live on this world.As the tears dried, And long past I still try to live.And the moon covered up by the clouds and the birds are asleep.I still Live Onall of you Keep fighting on


RE: Still Living On (peom)

That's really beautiful. And we all have to fight and be strong! Keep writing, you are very encouraging.:-)

RE: Still Living On (peom)

Thank You. Just writing and computer help me. Get on with my life.

RE: Still Living On (peom)

Thanks for the poem. I printed up a copy for my son. He's been feeling very discouraged too. He was supposed to get his driver's license two years ago but couldn't because of his seizures. Finally this year he's been seizure free for 8 months, so we're hoping he'll get it this year.

RE: Still Living On (peom)

I m new to Seizures but I know. even with It. We can battle on. Tell your son Keep fighting on. One thing to remember the Greatest hero in life had Seizures. J. Caesar's Birth 84 BC. But he Keep fighting on. Did he let him keep him down No.Tell your son he not alone. There alot that are hurting but We keep fighting on. To live are lifes.And thank on the info on the Poem

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