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Schoolhouse Rock

I just bought my son the School House Rock DVD. It it such a trip. Conjunction Junction, It's a Planet Janet, I'm just a Bill, Mother Necessity, Rufus Xavier Sasparilla, Unpacked my adjectives. Ohhhhhh how I love trips down memory lane. brought such a smile to my face! :) Here is a website, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom you will find a list of titles to choose from. Once you click on a hyperlink an audio button will appear. If you click on the sound symbol it will begin playing for you...


Re: Schoolhouse Rock


I was telling my daughter about those and she kept looking at me like I was nuts,( which I may very well be).

Now I can get those for her ( and me)

Re: Re: Schoolhouse Rock

hey Shawny! that is so nice. I bought it and I'm happy I did,
it's a riot!!!have of these spells I get take me back to memories of the 1970's anyways so why not go back to that time on my own?
The Scooby Dooby's-The REally Rottens-Yogi Yahooeys were there any more?

Re: Re: Re: Schoolhouse Rock

Just the three teams from what I have found, thanks again for the SHR site, I'm ordering for myself as well as my daughter.

Sorry I took so long replying, the rescue mission I work at is opening the winter shelter program, so I'm rather busy of late.

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