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Really quick snacks! Please add on......

Take 6 triscuits of any type and put a square of your favorite cheese in the middle. Put on microwave safe plate and melt the cheese just so that it gets to the edge of the cracker. Thats my 4:00PM snack...yummy!


Re: Really quick snacks! Please add on......

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Sounds like a good snack that I may try when I just don't seem to want anything. Any more suggestions for one who rarely has an appetite? Calling all cooks!

Re: Re: Really quick snacks! Please add on......

Fruit is my biggie. I'm trying to think of what I'll eat in the it's quickly approaching us!

Heather :)

Re: Re: Re: Really quick snacks! Please add on......

Hi Heather-

I make Marie Callender corn bread mix. Then I fill cupcake pans halfway, add drained lite syrup peaches in the middle and cover with the rest of the batter on top. Its one of my afternoon snacks when I need carbs. Other fruits are good too, like cranberries and blueberries. I never said they were low cal or low carb though!


Re: Re: Re: Really quick snacks! Please add on......

I'm not a big fan of cold things, so my personal favorite is to leave an apple out on the counter overnight (to warm it to room temperature), cut it up into quarters and take it with me to work.

The other thing I really love is the fruit to go bars. Those are fantastic. :)

Two slices of rye bread,

Two slices of rye bread, spread dijon mustard on one side and a good amount of peanut butter on the other, add two thick slices of onion.

I know it sounds gross, but try it, you will be suprised.

Re: Really quick snacks! Please add on......

I like cheese and soda crackers. :)

YUMMY!!!! :) right now my

YUMMY!!!! :) right now my guilty pleasure is a plain or poppy seed bagel with my favorite type of cream cheese, garden vegetable. Sounds plain but is absolutely delish! The other thing is popcorn, not the microwave kind but the kind you pop yourself.

Re: Really quick snacks! Please add on......

Take 2 scoops of low fat cottage cheese and 1/2 banana or strawberries or other berries or pineapple and put in blender. Add juice or low fat milk, blend and chill.

I almost believe its a shake!
But it's lunch or breakfast.
You need a straw and spoon depending on how thick you make it.

Re: Really quick snacks! Please add on......

Joan I'm completely addicted to them now. Also the doc recommended that I buy myself little pieces of meat that I like to have when I cannot stand the thought of eating what I cook for the family. Room temperature fruit has been good too. So I'm getting dairy, fiber, fruit, trying hard to eat meat and mom's garden has been keeping me stocked with fresh veggies. I have also exchanged chocolate for sweet n salty granola bars. Going to buy the ingredients for your special shake today, I think that will be great for the days when I just don't want to eat. Thanks again and stay well.

Re: Really quick snacks! Please add on......

I really love cutting up an apple and dipping it in warm carmel.

Re: Re: Really quick snacks! Please add on......

I'm all for Salada crackers, with philly cream cheese, with tomato slices and salt and pepper. Simple but tasty!

That apple and caramel thing sounds nice!

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