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Periodic build up to a seizure then a release


I have been struggling with benign brain tumors called meningiomas for 14 years now.  They have caused continuously evolving mild seizures,- mainly convulsions in the right side of my body. Recently, they have developed into a more-or less-periodic pattern (over a period of two weeks to a month) of a sense of building up to a seizure, then a release, then a period of calm, then another build up.  Is this a common phenomenon?

(Under my eptiologist's direction, I have been taking various medications without control.  He is leaving his present practice, and I am glad to see him go.)



Hi, I know what you're

Hi, I know what you're talking about, I've got the same. It's as if, over the course of 4-6 weeks, something is building up/getting depleted. When it gets to much or too little, I get seizures which can vary in intensity from month to month. Currently working on a few theories - overhydration because of exercise, too much/not enough salt, sugar, etc, eletrolyte levels fluctuating for some reason..if I find anything more definite out, I'll let you know, please do the same.Andy

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