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PAID Marketing Research Study in San Francisco - **No Sales**


We are one of the Bay Area' s most respected market research companies, located near Union Square called Fleischman Field Research.  We work with global companies to recruit participants for paid in-person research studies.  We are currently seeking epilepsy patients and caregivers for an upcoming study and are hoping we could find some interested parties here.
This 2 hour focus group will take place at our downtown Sand Francisco office on Monday, September 14th in the evening. The participants will be paid $115 for their time and opinions on this topic.   We are actually trying to put together 2 sessions with about 9 people in each group.
There are absolutely no sales involved and at no time will the participant be asked to do any testing or have medication dispensed to them. The researchers are simply conducting a research study on the experiences of epilepsy patients and would like to include their opinions or the opinions of caregivers. All information gathered will remain confidential and be used for research purposes only.
Those interested would need to call us so we could confirm they qualify for this particular study and to reserve a spot.  if you are interested, please contact Jana, or Lisa, You could also call us at 800-277-3200 for more information or to see if you qualify. Please let the receptionist know you are calling regarding the Epilepsy study so they may connect you to teh approriate person.

Thank you and we hope you can attend.

Fleischman Field Research


Marketing Research

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Marketing Research

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