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How have you taken charge?

andym's entry over here: "What do you think?" got me thinking. What do you do to take control of your epilepsy? How do you reduce the things that trigger your seizures? For me, we know stress triggers my seizures more than anything else. I know there are other things, but I don't know what they are. To reduce the stress, I've started going to the gym and I've started a belly dance class. It's a blast! Anyone else?


Re: How have you taken charge?

I'm starting yoga this week.. whether it helps seizures, stress, sleep or just help me get in shape, it's worth a try!

Re: Re: How have you taken charge?

yeah for me 'Stress' is the biggest factor too, as well as lack of sleep & generally doing too much! I've been trying to do lots more walking & cyling, & have recently started going to an 'urban funk dance workout' class.. which not only is fun & good excercise, but is a great stress reliever!

Re: Re: Re: How have you taken charge?

For me, it's meditation and breathing exercises that help reduce stress that triggers my seizures. I also love to walk and try to find something new that I may not have noticed in nature each time I go for a walk.


Re: Re: Re: Re: How have you taken charge?

Well the first thing I did to take control was accept that, I am what I am, and to stop trying far too hard to prove my worth, it was society that had the problem not me. This relieved a lot of my stress and I combined this with meditation and breathing exercises and little things like taking pleasure in the simple things in life. I cycle a lot and walk in the local countryside so that's combining exercise and the joys of nature that bring me so much pleasure. It may all sound very simple but it's worked wonders for me.

Re: How have you taken charge?

I take my medication of course, in addition I also pray, bicycle a lot and spend time writting.

Re: How have you taken charge?

Eat right and get plenty of rest. I'm a lousy eater and have trouble sleeping at night.

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