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Do you drive?


Re: Driving

Nope   I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 13. At 23  I had gone 3+ years without a seizure but I had a bad complex partial which had morphed into a focal motor seizure. I have not been seizure since then. I have had time where I had no seizures in a month but the next month I may have 6. My seizures have goten fewer with less intensity. I can have one while In a crowd and many people would not know I had one. My seizures last split seconds to a few seconds. All it takes in 1 second and a car can crash.

Re: Driving

Wow I really wanted to start back driving to just get my freedom back a bit. I really hate everyone telling me don't drive

but with what you just said (actually hearing from someone who understands what I'm going through) I think it's best I wait a while longer

Re: Driving

Basically the DMV is keeping accidents from happening. I also understand what it is like to not drive. I know how in case of emergency.

I also know that I will need to go at least 6 months in my state. I have done that before but I also had a seizure within 2 months after that period. I have lived over 50 years without a license but I also had brothers that drove. They got the option of driving here and there for my step father while I got the choice of doing the chores that needed to be done. THey got to kick back while I busted my butt. I also know I had money while they needed a car. I paid for the used car but I was the one that said when it was used. In other wordds I had them driving me many times they didn't want to but they had transportation. They also knew I could fix the engine if needed.

Laws and regulations have been created to help everybody and understand that it only takes a second or two to have an accident.

If you are needing to get somewhere there are ways. Friends may pick you up for work. I worked with some and they got fresh coffee and even a lunch now and then considering always had lef overs. Oh and giving them money for gas now and then alwways helped keep their costs down

Re: Driving

As I aged my seizures became more frequent so I do not drive a car...I got a 50cc moped figuring I would most likely only hurt myself and probably not seriously puttering around on it. Also you don't need a license or insurance. I have been able to get by in this way...

Re: Driving

most of the time no ... occassionally yes.



Re: Driving

I started with seizures when I was 9 and drove until two years ago when I was ~61. My seizures until then had been 100% at night while I was sleeping so I was very lucky all those years it really didn't impact my life.

Two years ago I started also having daytime seizures randomly and occasionally and mildly but often enough that driving was, morally, not an option.

So I sold my convertible and now walk or ride a three wheeled recumbent bike/trike.

I live in Massachusetts where there is no requirement that my neurologist report my condition to the Registry. My seizures are very short lasting, under ten seconds, but intractable.

Our goal is to go without seizures for 6 months, but since I have multiple per week and no meds have fully controlled them that goal is elusive. We have more meds to try, as well as other advances in treatment which we are open to.

I could drive, physically and knowledge and skills wise, but morally it is not possible.

It is lousy, so I work to compensate in many different ways.


Re: Driving

I'vee always wanted to drive...but never have been able to due to my Epilepsy.
I was diagnosed at the age of 6 in 1963.
I'd been having lots of "Absence seizures" while in school and at home.
I would stand infront of the fridge,take the milk bottle out of it....then I'd
stand there and shake...then you'd hear a loud CRASH.

Didn't have my first Grand-Mal till age 15,while getting ready for highschool.
Two days later I was put on then experimental TEGRETOL.
I was also taking 30 MG Valimum, and 375MG of Dexedrine 3 times a day
I was put on 600 mg of TEGRETOL...200mg at breakfast,lunch,dinner.

Seizures stopped completely.
Till I was 32 when a doctor removed me from the TEGRETOL stupidly.
I went from zero seizures to NINE A DAY for 1 week!!!

Called my then insurance agent and asked him for his wife's doctor's name.
He'd mentioned his wife was seeing a wonderful doctor.
Told him I needed the number ASAP.
Called for an appointment and two days later began seeing him.

He restarted the Tegretol immediately....NO Seizures for close to twenty eight years!!!

Doctor said in 1990 that I could drive???
Still haven't gotten my lisence...but want to as a "just in case" when I'm with husband

Re: Driving

live from myrtle beach,laserman ken smilz or try 2...........yes i definatly understand your anger i was on phenobarbital for 20 plus years..ran into a low money situation as the economy changed ,saw a cheap doctor,and he decided to play god and put me on a diffrent medicine,even tho the medicine i had for years worked fine...i begged him not to change it,,he refused,with no answer with,just a weird smile,as he wasent as risk if i should have a car accident killing a family of 4 n there kids,,hmm..well i saw the same doctors office again this time a diffrent location in hopes of a 'normal" doctor giving me the rx that has proven to work,well guess what,he refused the medicine i asked for,,saying you put me between a rock and a hard place,as he said the 1st doc was the director,(his boss).so i guess he figured it was okay taking a chance with my life and the life of others and switch to a medicine ,not having a clu if would work or not..guess what happened later.. my vehicle was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident resulting in a rollover and scaring the living crap outa my handicapped sister strapped upside down in my van freaking out and crying..guess why...anyone know a good lawyer to keep bad docs away..or punish them,when no good reason for there uneducated/off the wall /commons sense reasoning,in which they didnt use..hmm..nov 17th.2013..smilz or try 2,,and christmas is soo near...555 a.m

Re: Driving

Yes, I have driverslessons.

In my country when you have an insult you may don't drive for a half year.
When you get a insult in that half year then you have to wait for a year.

Secretly did I have very little insults, little moments in the morning feeling funny and sometimes confused. When I ask my doctor she said that that little insults are. I just said that everything is okay.

 When I have that'funny' little moments also later in the day, then I decide not to drive.

Now I am young, everyone drive, but I know that maybe ther came a moment I may not drive...

My mother is not happy with my dessicion, but I am conceited...

Age 65.  Have been driving

Age 65.  Have been driving since 1970.  Used to drive lumber truck and coal truck deliveries in a 2 ton dump truck.  Later commuted an hour each way daily for work to NY City area.  Developed seizures at age 63 due to migraine headache issues that have evolved over time.  After having 4 separate incidents driving and going into seizures without accidents I decided to voluntarily quit driving before I kill myself and or somebody else.  My license is not restricted, yet.  NY State requires one solid year seizure free without incident before going back to driving.  I think my driving days are over. I am retired and stuck at home and it drives me crazy.  Like my military time, one adapts step by step as one encounters negative issues and finds a way to live with the circumstances.  Have not been technically diagnosed that these incidents are seizure or epilepsy but Keppra has not stopped them totally.  Seems to be Simple Partial Onset Epilepsy.

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I am I'm my 60 s now. I'm not

I am I'm my 60 s now. I'm not sure what every one does for work.. I need a drivers license to work. I had an absence seizure at work and now I'm going to get the boot .That was my second seizure by the way.What kind of jobs are out there for me

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