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Christian Neurologists in OC


I know that this is kind of a weird discussion/question topic, but I was wondering if there anyone knows of any christian neurologists. i am a christian dealing with epilepsy, and i have been having some internal issues with it and my faith with it and such and it is kind of hard talking about it with less educated people. Let me know. Thanks everyone!


RE: Christian Neurologists in OC

I noticed no one replied, and it has been a while. did you ever get an answer to your question, or did you give up on us? It might be helpful to bare your soul here regarding your concerns. This is not a reactionary group unless you are doing something that is putting your self or others at risk. Good luck with your quest. --Mersix

RE: Christian Neurologists in OC

I agree, what are your issues, and where is OC ?

Re: Christian Neurologists in OC

I noticed the date 2004, so I was wondering if you found a Chrisitan Neurologist.  I too am searching for a Christian Neurologist and live in Virginia (near D.C.)  Where is OC?  I am interested in finding a Christian Neurolgist for my 7year old son.  I am interested to know if you found one and also to anyone who reads this if they might know of one in my area.


Re: Christian Neurologists in Fairfax County


     In Reston, I have been going to Jon Peters (look up Neuroscience Consultants) and he has been good to work with. I don't like dealing with his front office and don't know if he is a Christian, but he has been a good doctor.

    You can also call McLean Bible Church and ask if pastor Lon Solomon's can recommend someone. His daughter has epilepsy and inspired the creation of Jill's House (


 PS I'm not certain what "OC" means either but I'm guessing it's Orange County, California.

Re: Christian Neurologists in OC

Sorry I don't know any Christian neuroligists. But, I can tell you that I too am Christian and I know exactly how you feel. When I first started having seizures I was 10 years old. As time went on, middle school, high school things got harder. You know how some people who don't understand things can be... not that there was any help from my twin. I questioned God, "why of all the people I know, do I have this. it's not fair, i trusted you and I got this that is wrecking my life." See, i too started losing my faith in Him. But then, i moved to Singapore and joined a church and made some friends. Theres two that I can always count on and go to for help and guidence. I asked them, why does God put dieseases and sicknesses on earth, harming people? And why do I, a Christian get it and other non- christians don't? My friend said, God did not put diesases or sicknesses on earth. he made it perfect until sin came into the world through the devil. Sicknesses are the devil's doings. 

Here's a way I see it after the 4 hour talk with my friend. ( she gave me many ways to see it but heres one). See it as a test of faith. Hold on to God. He will help us through the good and the bad. He has a plan for each of us ( Jeremiah 29:11) even if we don't see it now and even with seizures, there's a good future for us. He will not forsake us and He has not forgotten us. Jesus healed the boy with seizures ( Luke 9:37- 43) so I believe He can heal us too. When we go to heaven, we won't be epileptic anymore. Don't get me wrong, i'm not that good at bible stuff or have a lot of faith or anything. I too a lot of times fel like I'm losing faith in God. But I choose to hold on to Him. 

 if you want to contact me, my e-mail is


God bless

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