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childhood epilepsy


I was dxed with epilepsy when i was about a year old. I had seizures up until i entered school, i have had a few seizures in my teen years, but where very scatter. I was dx this summer with fibromyalgia. I am researching the possibility that childhood epilepsy may have some lasting effects with my adult health. I am now 41. I am interested in both physical and mental healt illness. thank you for your help.


RE: childhood epilepsy

I don't know of evidence that having epilepsy in childhood directly affects adult health if the seizures have stopped. (Severe, frequent seizures may have some lasting effects on mental abilities.) More commonly, epilepsy and its treatment in childhood may cause social and educational problems that have a lasting effect on the individual. This is a good reason for parents to work closely with doctors and the school to achieve the best possible quality of care and education for their child. includes lots of good advice on how to do this!

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