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Catnip and peppermint tea

My friend found out that I have epilepsy. He made me a homemade blend of catnip and peppermint tea leaves (complete in little homemade teabags). He told me it was a tension and stress reliever and that it would relax me and might help with my seizures. I was so nervous about trying it, because I've never heard of drinking catnip tea. I looked it up with my sister and learned it is apparently good for colicky babies, stomach disorders, stress relief, relaxation, as a sleep aid, and for me! I had it with a little bit of honey. My sister recommended a blend of chamomile and lavender that relaxes her. I might try that, too. :) Does anyone else have a blend of tea that quiets them down?


Chamomile and lavender tea or

Chamomile and lavender tea or just plain lavender tea works for mine so does dandelion root tea

Re: Catnip and peppermint tea

Drinking teas is like taking other meds. I used to be on Tegretol and Mysoline, then Tegretol XR and Keppra. Then I used to drink Chamomille and it was good. then I discovered Valerian Root and that is a good sleep aid, but Trileptal and the Valerian Root don't go together so I had to stop. But you can find out which teas are calming and then tell your Dr about the teas and he will let you know which are good and which may interfere with your medications. Herbal teas are actually like Medications so the right ones have to be taken depending upon the person. Some work well for some but not everyone has the same reaction.

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