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Any seizure is serious

Through my own experience and reading and chatting with others here I have learned this among lots of other things. Sometimes we question ourselvs about how serious our seizures are "I only have partials" or "I never convulse". Well I would like any of you who feel this way to read Aquilla316s latest blog entry. Also I think she could use big hugs and smiles. Get better soon Aq.


Re: Any seizure is serious

Couldn't agree more Colina
Having been through the years where I would think I was on a good run and stopped taking meds altogether or just getting the warning signs and once they wear off putting them to the back of my mind I think it's important to be aware of what your body is trying to tell you sometimes. Your own body and mind often give you far more of a ''heads up'' than we think. I'm not criticising people or saying let E make you a prisoner because I've been in the situation myself and made the same mistakes. Even though I have been seizure free for over 3 years I would never think I was in the clear.

Re: Any seizure is serious

Hello all...getting better, thank you. I would like to point out my brain felt as though it was put into a blender for several days after that incident, and was probably NOT GOOD for my memory.
Also...I was reading an entry about Complex Partial Sz's (here on it sent a chill down my spine (I'd never noticed it before)
"Some Complex Partial Sz's can turn into secondarily generalized sz's" basically can spread to include the entire brain. Unfortunately it has been this exact diagnosis that keeps me from surgery, my sz's start in the left temporal lobe and have a tendancy to spread.
Everyone has always made light of my "seizure disorder" (I was always told I don't have E)untill 2 weeks ago. They wanted me on meds, but we've always felt as though I was very low-risk...NEVER AGAIN.
HUGS everyone, I miss you all!!!

Re: Re: Any seizure is serious

Susan, I just read your blog and send you some serious hugs! I share your diagnosis. It IS so serious. I'm writing to you right now recovering from a broken jaw. That "secondary generalization" stuff has to be taken seriously. It CAN hurt you.

The brain fry will get better. Be strong and take care of yourself.

Re: Any seizure is serious

Just as an update, I was someone who had mostly simple and complex partial seizures. I went from an average of a grand mal every 7 or 8 years and had 4 all in one day, and each one lasting over 30 minutes. Now I know why I can't remember anything from Sept 27 and very little from the 28th.

Hi Susan, I was reading

Hi Susan,
I was reading you're blog the other day & was ever so moved by what you've been through recently. I love it that you have such a fab positive attitude, which is great (kinda puts me to shame!), escpecially after what's happened & I'm so glad that you're feeling so much better now. I too have a lot of partial seizures & very few actual 'Grand Mal' seizure's now.. I sometimes read comments on here & often think 'my seizures are nothing compared to what others go through' & not really serious. But deep down I know Colina is right, any seizure can be serious.. what happened to you, well it could happen to any of us couldn't it. anyway, I do hope you continue to get loads better, take care yeah & keep smiling! :-) big hug
Ruth x

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