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The 5th Anniversary...September 11th, 2006

Here are some of the photos I took of "Ground Zero" in 2003. I didn't remember if I posted them, and are small files, so I figured I would keep saluting all of our lost civilians, officers, firemen, and all others that lost thier lives that day. This being the only attack I've witnessed occur on U.S. soil, I think in tiny ways it still impacts me every day. My prayers go out to their families... Susan


Re: The 5th Anniversary...September 11th, 2006

Susan~Thank you for sharing the pics of ground zero.Amazing and so sad.This had an impact on all of us but my heart goes out to all the familys that lost loved ones in such horrified way.Totally senseless..what more can I say. HUGS to all the victims of 9/11 God bless you all.Thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Re: Re: The 5th Anniversary...September 11th, 2006

Thank you for sharing the pics. I still feel the terror I felt when I saw the TV coverage everytime I think about 9/11, which is often. It is something I don't think will ever lessen for any of us. My deepest love and compassion for all who experienced 9/11 up close and personal. My heart hurts for you all. God bless and keep you safely in the palms of His hands always.


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