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VNS not putting out any data.....

Hello, was just wondering if anyone else has had or is having the same issue. My 23 yr old daughter has had seizures since she was 4 up until she was around 10. She had the VNS implanted at age 7 and again at 9 when the battery died on the first one due to so much use. Well, she has been off all medication for at least 2 years now but we thought the device was still working, turns out it is not putting out any data, the neurologist scanned for it yesterday and is getting nothing from it, not even low battery. So now we are in the process of waiting for a specialist in the city to contact us as to our next move. Do we leave it alone, knowing it's not working. Do we risk the potential damage to surrounding areas and another surgery to take it out and/or replace it. I don't know and our neurologist here, while he has been wonderful, is not a specialist with the stimulator.

Anyone ever heard of or had this happen to them or a loved one?


See an epilepsy specialist

See an epilepsy specialist who works with VNS. They will look at it and see if it needs to be taken out if not working, or if just leave it be.  The specialist would also want to look at her overall seizures and see if needs therapy or not. 

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