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MSG diet - anybody else was lucky ?

Hi all,
did you ever try getting rid of MSG in your food ? It's probably only for post-traumatical epilepsy (my case), but if you still cannot find a working medicine (or if your medicine has some negative side effects) it is worth giving it a try!
After reading about monosodium glutamate (MSG) in the book "Complementary and Alternative Therapies" (from Deborah T. Combs Cantrell, Orrin Devinsky, and Steven V. Pacia) I started to put into my epi diary all food that I eat.
And voila, MSG causes 99% of my seizures !
In fact it's not possible to avoid fully MSG (it's almost everywhere), but at least I don't eat its main sources any more. Web is full of articles about MSG, mostly they talk about headaches, anxiety and sometimes they mention also "seizures" and that's the case of us (some of us).

Have you ever tried MSG diet ? Your results ?



I don't want to put here a

I don't want to put here a direct link of the site that I use for checking the content of monosodium glutamate in food, you can search for "skip the pie volunteer" and there you can find analysis of MANY food with its percentage of glutamate.

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