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Marijuana and epilepsy

Hi, I’m heading to Amsterdam soon with my friends and I wanted to know if anyone had any advice about me trying weed or space cakes while I’m there. I was diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy in 2012, I take lamotrigine 200mg morning and night and I have been seizure free for 10 months now. I find alcohol is a trigger therefore I have recently cut down on nights out etc. As I’ll be in Amsterdam I kinda want to try it out (never tried it before) but I want to check if it’s safe because I’m hoping to get my driving license back soon and I don’t want to jeopardise that.

Any info would be great, thanks!


My bf smokes marijuana all

My bf smokes marijuana all day everyday faithfully before and after he begin having seizures. He's only had 2 episodes (5 seizures total)  but it doesn't really effect the medicine for him or trigger a seizure..He takes Keppra. I've actually seen research where marijuana or what they call cannabis oil helps seizures. Have fun! 

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