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Magnesium Deficiency

Have any of you tried magnesium supplements and found them to be helpful? I have been doing some research and come across a theory that many people with epilepsy are magnesium-deficient. I realized that I have not had a seizure for 9 months, and I have been taking Rolaids for the past year. I have been taking them for the calcium content, but they also contain magnesium. Any thought on this?                                                      Blessings,                                                             Angie


Angie - I too am looking forward to reading the responses to your question regarding "magnesium." I have seen the relationship between Calcium/Magnesium and epileptic drugs brought up before on this site and am interested to learn if there is a relationship.

yes magnesium supplements works but you should consult your doctor first
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magnesuim...wonderful stuff.  It is the essence of all my chocolate binges.  Cocoa beans are high in magnesuim.  And something women need abundantly every month.  Following that lead,  I found the supplements did reduce my cravings for chocolate and help inhibit my migrane patterns.  Now I have Topomax for that, but  I still need the supplements if I want to stay off the Hershey's.I can't say that it helped my seizures any.  I never saw a difference on that front.

Angie, You are right. The last time that I was in the hospital (well, every time that I have wound up there), the first thing that they put in my iv is magnesium. The doctors said that it is supposed to calm down your nerves (if I remember right) and whenever I have had a seizure, it's always low. I asked my neuro about pills, but he said that as long as I've been doing well to now worry about it. He suggested to take regular vitimans (sorry about the spelling) and that should be enough. However, I do get a mag. blood test once in a while when I get the pill blood test. So, Angie, pat yourself on the back and be proud, you are right. Clover

Angie.....Lee here.  I have been on a combination of magnesium/calcium/zinc since my doc recommended it for the leg cramps I experienced at night.  It has helped in many respects - don't know about seizures since I haven't had one for many years now (on generic forms of Dilantin & Mysolin).  I just know it helps with some of the other "life" issues I have been facing.Purchased the same mix at a discount store and noted that my previous brand fullfilled 100% of the daily needs for each but the discout one only provided 33%.  By the time I got to the end of that bottle I was experiencing cramps in my calf back to the other brand.  Saving a couple of bucks just isn't worth the discomfort.Later.................................LEE 

Lee,I have to ask...what kind of strength are the ones you take? My daughter takes her vitamins, but complains of her legs hurting a lot. And in reading her vitamin bottle, zinc is only at 27%, calcium at 20%, and mag isnt even listed. Wondering if supplements would be helpful for her, for this.Crystal

Yes I am taking it too. You cant have one without the other. Also make sure you have vit d with the calcium. The calcium is going out of our bodies because of our medications. ALso only 500 every four hours. And dont over do the calcium for that can cause kidney storms. I take 1500mg. a day.B 6 vitamins are also very good for seizures and you must have the b complex to really work.Also dont take magnesium with your medication. I had read that many years ago. I used to take it with it. I just dont remember the reason behind it.

Angie, I understood that one does not want to take too much of Magnesium for it gets created by the AED's we all take. I did understand however that L- Tyrosine and taurine and 5-HTP are very helpful for people with seizures.As they are what help the brain to function better. That is what I am doing and I have for some time.

yes there a many vitamins that we have deficiency from and will cause seizures. We need calcium/Vit d/Magnesium and b vitamins
best of luck to you

I started using Jigsaw Health magnesium and it has worked great for me so far!

Another is called magnesium direct it is the best i've taken and better then anything in your local drug store.

We can be low on magnesium, calcium, vit d, b vitamins too. They can all cause seizures if too low.
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Chocolate did someone say chocolate! LOL. Trying to quit the stuff. Good to know there is something out there to help with the withdrawal. And beneficial to boot! Gotta get me some of that. Smiles!

Do any of you know if magnesium is also helpful for partial seizures?


It can be helpful if you are low on it.
Check out this

I have been helped by several hundred simple partial seizures and some seizures with omega three.
Talk with your doctor before making any changes.

take care

Dear Angie, My daughter Pippa has been taking magnesium as she found she was deficient after having a hair analysis. Apparently B6 is also good for stopping fits. Pip is also seeing a homoepath and it has helped reduce the fits. Hoping they will stop completely.She had been on the pill for over a year and apparently that robs you of essential minerals and vitamins. We also look at her work load,diet and food allegies. They all play a part in epilepsy. Pip is not on medication and really doesn't want to, But it means she has to be very careful about being on her own and let friends know about her condition. She had a few noctunal fits at 13 when she started her periods and we went to a homoepath then. They stopped and at 20 after coming off the pill had a grand mal. When she came off the pill, her periods were all over the place and she has been taking agnus castus to help kick start her periods. Hormones are also related. We have had to be like a couple of detectives! We live in England and the neurologist is very anti alternative therapies, and basically hasn't helped at all.
Best wishes Kay L

Guys, this has been such great reading for me as I've been struggling with PMS for ages - and like Kay, I live in the UK and my neurologist has been really unhelpful. He's told me all the things I can NOT take or do, but not suggested any alternatives. He also told me not to bother having children!!

Thanks for these tips. What dose of Magnesium, Vit B complex, Zinc and Calcium have you found to be useful? Also someone mentioned CoQ10 to me - is that any good? I'm still investigating! At the moment I have a list as long as my arm to try:

Magnesium, Calcium, Vit D, Vit E, Vit B complex, Folic acid, Zinc, Black Cohosh, CoQ10 and Agnus Castus.

My main problem is stress and mood swings - I get very jumpy and stressed before I'm due on, and can lose my temper and cry etc.

Any thoughts/advice welcome! Thanks...


also from england...i have 2 children, both of which are 100% healthy, i had one child on valproate and another on lamotragine. for some reason i didn't have any fits during either you said,hormones do make a difference,periods/stress are both triggers for me....write bk..take care..

There is a lot of information here: magnesium and epilepsy. Also, it appears that there is a big difference in the type of magnesium compound that you need. There was a study done which shows that ionic magnesium can be low even when blood serum tests for total magnesium show normal levels.

Check out my chart of alternative epilepsy treatments.

Lets do not forget those all important electrolyes; sodium, potassium and glucose levels. Keeping hydrated, out of the heat, which can rob us of all of the priors, as well as essential vitamins. Eating regularly, every 3 or 4 hours, so the blood sugar does not drop too low. Also. I agree with who ever said you have to spend a little money to get good high potency vitamins. So true. Hormones do play a role in seizures. My first was at age eleven when I started menstrating. To the ladies out there; do not have a total hystrectomy unless your life depends on it! I had fibroids, and my doctor quickly announced a need for one. Six weeks afterwards I almost died and would have if not for going to the hospital. Had uncontrollable seizures, spent 10 days in I.C.U.. Mind you, my seizures were controlled prior to this. Think there is a connection between hormones and seizures???

In the two years that my daughter has been having seizures, the months that she has been seizure free she was taking a high dose of magnesium. Her neurologist has suggested that we continue with  1000 mg of magnesium. We tried four AEDs without success. I must say she also takes other vitamins, however it was recommended that we NOT add calcium to this.

I take ionic magnesium for migraines. I suffered for 30 yrs. I have been migraine free for the last three years.



Robin, you said your daughter takes 1000 mg of magnesium.  Would you mind sharing your daughter's age and weight?


My 9 year old boy had a tonic clonic seizure 12 months ago. I took him to two specialist one wanted to put him on tegretol and other epilium , any way i was not convinced this was my best option as the only other two symptoms he had was 2 cases of locked jaw fort-night before. Any way i have been giving him Endura magnesium and electolyte since that first seizure 12 months ago and has not had any since. For the first few months he had pins and needles down his face and twitches in the body whilst asleep but now he seems amazing. i use the hydralyte cause were we live its extremely hot, and we only moved here 14 months ago , i sometimes wonder if the change of extreme heat made him have a seizure as he had never had one where we lived for 9 years.Through the extreme heat i use the magnesium with hydralyte to keep his brain hydrated and in winter which only last 3 months max he jus has normal magnesium powder.I believe the powder works better than capsules. i believe lots of rest is important as he had sleep depravation for many years prior to this cause he worried about everything and is scared of sleeping and many bad night terrors for years. These have mostly stopped as well. so YES magnesium powder i believe is a BIG YES> hope i have helped some people with their decissions....


All of my life I have had "twitches in my legs while asleep."  The leg jerking would wake me up and it would take literally hours to fall asleep.  In 1996 my seizures began after contracting encephalitis.  Never thinking about mentioning the leg jerking (very dumb me) to the neurologist he ordered a blood test when I mentioned this to him.  He checked the hematocrit and blood binding (?) levels.  I was at 1/3 of normal.  He instructed me to begin taking iron supplements.  He said to take only iron Without any calcium, caffine products, on an empty stomach, or any other ingredients added on the iron label. Read the label Very Carefully-most iron supplements have added calcium to the iron-which then will not allow the body to absorb the iron with vitaman C - about 500mg of vitamin C.  The vitaman C helps the body absorb the iron.  Leg jerking went totally away.  Be advised.  Read the label about 2 side affects.  The stool might be tar black or green. Mine alternates color looks terrible (sorry for the description).  I am glad I read the possible side effects. I have been lax the past several months with taking the iron and the leg jerking returned.  Several months ago I had 2 seizures two weeks apart and the doctor added Mirapex (pramipexole dihydrochloride.  This medicine is used for extremity jerking) to the Lamictal -which is the only seizure medicine I am on.  The doctor added this when I mentioned the leg jerking returned.  The jerking stopped, but in the past 3 months I have had 4-5 seizures.  Prior to that it had been 1-2 years prior since the last seizure. So now I need to find out what is causing the poor nights sleep which seems to be a trigger for seizures. I had a seizure yesterday and my wife had me change my scheduled appointment to a closer appointment day which will be next week.  I shall see what his advice is regarding poor sleeping - which I believe is my fault and not any meds.  Too much caffine and lack of iron.  My excuse for not taking my iron is my several pots of coffee intake daily and not wanting the iron near the same time.  On researching the caffine has a 6 hour half life so I prefer not to take the iron (which should be on an empy stomach) for 4-6 hours after my last cup of coffee.  Time will tell.

I say this to say:  ask the doctor if poor or lack of sleep may provoke seizures.  And what would help with a getting a good nights sleep. And is there any abnormal blood levels that also contribute to the seizure activity.  



I have been using Ancient Minerals transdermal magnesium on my 16 y.o. son for several months.  Transdermal magnesium bypasses the gut and goes straight to work.  It has not allowed him to be seizure-free, but his large tonic/clonics are coming farther apart.  He is still having jerks and twitches, but that is highly preferrable to the large events.  I am slowly upping his number of Ancient Minerals sprays.  He is at about 150 mgs now.  I believe you can only count on 30% of even the best oral magnesium suppliments to be assimilated.  Transdermal magnesium is nearly completely bio-available.
You can research Ancient Minerals on youtube, and I find it to be more affordable on Amazon than other sites.
I also have my son use magnesium spray as a deodorant.  Nearly all store brands use aluminum, which is a known neurotoxin.  It takes a very long time to clear aluminum deposits from the brain. 

I have been wanting to get a hair analysis done on him.  Any recommendations for online options?

Hiya j4quick,

This is very bizarre, but i was diagnosed with myoclonic epilepsy about 6/7 years ago and have been problem free until this year since 2006. I started getting a twitching behind my eyeballs and a motion feeling in my head when i was tired starting this year March ish time. Very odd indeed.

Anyway, i started taking Ultra Muscleze which helps with relaxation apparently. This is high in magnesium and comes in a powder form. I was recommended this because i was stressed out with work, regularly doing 12-15 hour days and it was wearing me out. Would you believe that within a week, i started to notice these twitches diminish? Maybe its coincidence, but i dont think so!

 I will also try the magnesium deodorant!

All the best,


JB, that's encouraging.
I just received my son's hair analysis report. He is barely in the deficient range for both magnesium and calcium. Considering I have been giving him the recommended levels of magnesium supplementation for 3-4 months the results were surprising. He is taking both oral and transdermal magnesium. (TwinLab magnesium aspartate hydrochloride, 200mg daily by mouth plus 200 mg daily of the Ancient Minerals transdermal magnesium chloride) He also takes a daily multivitamin/mineral, omega 3 fish oil, spirulina, chlorella, and recently we added wheat grass.
His diet is not great, but it surprised me to see his magnesium levels were low after that much supplementation. At least now I know it is safe for him to up his magnesium intake. This also confirms to me the reports that state low mag and seizures are related.

I am not in meds and I have just started mineral therapy. I have very light crises and my doctor wants me to try to quit the meds as I am having many side effects. Whatever I find out that can be helpful I will share.
I Brazil we have a broad range of alternative therapies and I will try as many as I can. I really hope to have good reasults and be able to share it.

Read this link from a doctor in Brazil. She swears it helps and uses no meds.

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