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IV Vitamin Therapy

Has anyone tried IV vitamin therapy to help manage their seizures? If so, what was your experience with it? What was the result? I know that there is a lot of doubt as to whether IV vitamin therapy has any scientific benefit, and so I don't need to hear answers about how it is junk science. I'm just asking (1) about what your experience was if you tried it, and (2) what the result was. I am looking into it, but not sure if I should try it. Please only answer if you can talk about those two issues. Thanks!


You are right - there is not

You are right - there is not much good data on this. A few words of caution - one can't give intravenous meds at home and it would need to be done in an outpatient setting. - too much of some vitamins can be dangerous so talk to your health care team first. Thanks for posting!

Ok. But assuming those two

Ok. But assuming those two things, I’d like to hear about others experiences, if any.

Hi Sara, As you know:IV

Hi Sara, As you know:IV Vitamin Therapy works by administration of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This gives 100% absorption into the bloodstream and is the fastest way to deliver fluids and vitamins throughout the body. I've found Vitamin B and Fish Oil have assisted me in the treatment of my epilepsy in conjunction with anti-convulsants.From my personal experience vitamin supplements are proving successful in combating a lot of the side effects of prescription medication, which is so often prescribed to control seizures. I've been taking Fish Oil tablets at the advice of my specialist for over 20 years to counter my memory loss. And I take vitamin B regularly to assist with what's referred to as "Keppra rage". Excessive outbursts of anger are a common side effect of keppra.I take a high dose of fish oil 8,000mg a day and double the recommended dose of Vitamin B. It works well, however it takes about 6 weeks for the vitamins to be fully absorbed into my system and have maximum impact. So I can see why IV vitamin therapy could be useful when administered in a safe environment.  I've come across various supplements and alternatives to therapeutic medication in treating epilepsy and provided their is medical evidence to suggest such treatments might work its worth trying them. So good luckCheersJane 

Many Vitamins and Minerals

Many Vitamins and Minerals are depleted from your body for many reasons.   You need to replenish them daily.   Here is some first hand proof for you.   What worked for me was to take Multi minerals, trace minerals, with additional magnesium along with other natural vitamins, a low carbohydrate high protean diet.   Every Day.    Good luck    No i did not take any other medication,    I did have some caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea.   I did not drink too much alcohol.     With natural vitamins if you take too much it just goes out your urine.   I would not take synthetic derived vitamins (if possible).

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