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I went from four seizures a day to none with the MAD diet, CBDoil and THC!!

I've been off this site since October, when I was complaining about the intolerable side effects of seizure meds. After talking to my neurologist about alternatives like diet and he told me it was a waste of my time and impossible and that I needed to keep on trying more meds. I stopped going back to him. I tried CBD oil and it really helped mellow out my super scary paranoid "aura", reduced twitching, and I recovered quicker. I started the MAD diet (modified atkins diet, like the Ketogenic diet but way easier) and I didn't notice much of a difference. I went and saw an acupuncturist and she suggested I get off the diet and try THC oil (she was able to prescribe me a cannibis card). I was honestly a non believer but I was desperate struggling with having seizures everyday and up to four times a day. The first day I took a little too much THC ( what the dispensery recommended )and I was so stoned I didn't have one seizure all day lol. So the the CBD oil and THC oil (very small dosage) seemed to be working well but I was still having one mellow seizure once every four days or so. The miracle happened when I started the diet. As long as I am doing ALL THREE AT THE SAME TIME I stay seizure free. One weekend we went to the big city (Albuquerque ) and I decided I was going to eat whatever I wanted, bang, the next day I started having multiple seizures a day. Once I ran out of CBD oil and I thought I would be okay for one day without it, and bang, the next day I started having multiple seizures a day and all my brain AVM symptoms got really bad. So through a lot of trial and error I've figured this out. Anyways, I'm so excited about my discovery and I hope its helpful to others. It's really changed my life.


Thanks for sharing - it is

Thanks for sharing - it is scary that neurologist will only work with meds and nothing else.  I am a mom of a newly diagnosed epileptic and am fearful of not doing what is best for my daughter.  I am using the meds and they are not yet controlling her seizures but only has a big seizure once every two weeks.  She is also a type one diabetic and just hit puberty in the last year.  So appreciate your sharing 

I have some questions for you

I have some questions for you regarding this post. My family and friends have been suggesting that I try the medical marijuana. I know nothing about it and don't know where to begin. Is that what you are referring to when you say THC? (Like I said, I am very unfamiliar with it). What is CBD oil? I have had seizures since I was 13 and am now 45 yrs old. I have my seizures mainly around the time of my menstrual or if I'm stressed. I am on keppra and lamictal currently but have tried many different drugs in the past years. Nothing seems to be working. Looking for any alternative remedy I can find. My neurologist is all about trying new drugs or brain surgery. I    definitely don't want to have surgery and am so tired of taking  different medications. Do you need a medical card in Ryder to get the oils. I assume the aren't over the counter. If you do how did you go about getting one? Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Kindly!

I am on the ketogenic diet

I am on the ketogenic diet and can tell you there is a big difference in mental clarity for me. I am using the diet to SPECIFICALLY test to see if I can wean off my AEDs. I have used CBD and weed in the past, neither to any solid success (although, hey, weed is fun haha). To those wondering, you can legally possess marijuana in a number of states in the US. You don't need special permission in most if not all of these states; you can simply go down the street (if you are of legal age) and buy some, like alcohol or bread. Anyway, CBD won't get you high but you will want to purchase from a reputable source that is carefully testing its oils for the presence of THC, which is the compound that could make you fail a drug test. Keep that in mind. I think everyone with epilepsy should at least give these options a solid try, especially the keto diet. It's a challenging diet to maintain because you have to keep your carb intake below like 50 g per day and then eat a TON of fat while not eating too much protein. But it's worth a try. Give it at least until you get into ketosis to feel the difference, which could take around 2 weeks of STRICTLY following the diet. (You will know for sure when you've reached that point as your saliva and breath take on a sweet/metallicy taste and you start feeling super thirsty all the time.) Most people lose weight on the diet, too, so there's that awesome extra benefit. The OP was on the MAD, or modified Atkins diet, which is like the lite version of the keto diet. Give it a shot guys.

What ever your do your body

What ever your do your body gets use to it.   Thanks for sharing.  Also Most Doctors only receive about 10 hours of Nutritional training so they just don't know and are not open to the concept.   .       

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