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Has anyone tried Cranial Sacral Therapy?

I have 3-4 Simple Partial Seizures a weeek and I'm looking for any non-drug therapy. I've had some luck with acupuncture, but I'd like to try some other things. I've heard a little bit about Cranial Sacral Therapy, but if anyone has had any experience with it (good or bad), I would really love to hear about it. Thanks, Reb



My husband has epilepsy and I have recently finished massage school. I have done cranial sacral, reiki, shiatsu, jin shin do, swedish and reflexology on him. He had no ill effects from any modality. He always came away very relaxed and feeling good.

Reiki and jin shin do focus on moving and unblocking the energy throughout the body. Cranial and shiatsu focus on the manipulation of the body's tissue. I hope this helps explains the difference between the modalities and finding the correct one for you.

Blessings to all.

I have tried it. I would like to go back to it. I only tried it once, but loved it. I had a seizure that day and I thought it was from that. But now I believe it was from hormonal issues.

But I would love to try that again.
Any massage will help you to relax and be stress free.
here is a very good site.

take care

I am sorry it was Reiki and Shiatsu. But Reiki is almost the same as Cranial Sacral Therepy. It is more on the head.
When I both of the massages, I had them from two different people. The Reiki I had a seizure. The Shiatsu all weekend I ended up with auras. But it felt so good the massages. It was like it got my nervous system a bit worked up each time. But I bet if I kept it up, it would have gotten better.

Sorry it had to bad things you had to hear. But if you dont try you will never know for yourself. But the feeling was fabulous. Tingling all afternoon. That is a sign of cleansing the body of toxins too.

I will do it again one day.

take care

Hi! I get Craniosacral therapy every two-three weeks on a regular basis to help control my seizures as well as my migraines. I have been having good results with them both of late and highly reccomend anyone to try it!
Blessings, Mel

Interesting that other people have experienced seizures after this therapy. My daughter does too very often. But the therapy affects her mood in a very positive way.


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