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Epilepsy and marijuana

Hi all, I was wondering whether or not the effects of pot on the brain can intefere with the effects of the epilepsy medicine Tegretol 400mg per day. I know grapefruit and alcohol have adverse effects on the drug's treatments and can lead to uncontrollabe seizure possibilities in some cases. However, in the case of weed I do not not if it does have any interference or not. So if anyone could help me here I would appreciate it. Thanks.Chris


I'm not aware of any evidence that marijuana directly affects the actions of Tegretol or any other seizure medicine. You do need to be concerned about the possibility of more seizures from withdrawal, and about an increased likelihood of forgetting to take the Tegretol when using marijuana. There's a little more information about marijuana and epilepsy at

hi, that was an interesting link and seems to be what i read. people are certain one way or the other that marijuana is helpful or harmful in terms of seizure control. personally it was a disaster. one thing i would be really concerned about it the quality of what you buy - you really can't be sure of it. and so much of it is laced with other chemicals that can't be good for you. and you'll never know what is in what you buy. plus it's very expensive these days! monotherapy is still the "gold standard" in epilepsy treatment, so it doesn't make sense to introduce another variable.

What I've found is the better the quality, the worse the affects (for some strange reason), but I've found that "schwag" definetly helps in relaxing. I'm on Keppra and Lamictal, so don't know the affects from your meds. I've also found, that with the really good stuff, it's best to be a comfortable setting, and not "out on the town" (for any quality that should be the case). If you are using it to relax, than use it to relax, not party. That's my advice.

i don't really know much about the effects of weed on tegretol, I only wish it did have positive effects. As a student living on campus, its a bit difficult to get away from the stench of it!!! Anyway, the comment about grapefruit warnings has been a question of mine for quite some time: wutz up w/ that? I'm on 600 mg of tegretol, 900mg trileptol, and 1800mg felbatol.

Myself have just played on the side of caution. Never actually heard this idea thrown out there, and since I'm now at the end of the list of drugs...
Also wanted to ask trichic two things. Have always been told that trileptol and tegretol were, as the neoroligist put it, "cousins" using basically the same "stuff" to control the seizures and that there vague differences. Was on tegretol but they decided to go with the trileptol because of side effects. Also, FINALLY, see that someone besides myself is on Felbatol! Always pain to get it from the pharmacy, and even some neurologist assistants don't have a clue WHAT it is. Am on the Trileptol (1500mg twice a day) and Felbatol (same as, 1800mg over 3 dosages) at the moment. Just curious is it possible to up the ante on the Felbatol? (would rather not, side effects to stomach are killing me! but it has seemed to help somewhat as a add on to the trileptol ((which is the "must" of the two, as of late. just was put on the Felbatol 3 months ago, bad experience when the prescription for Trileptol wasn't picked up, went off I believe for 6 or 7 over two days)) replacing Zonegram which basically did NOTHING for me. Even the neurologist recognized this and casually joked about it, "Will up it to the max, but doubt it will do anything.")

Smoking pot has helped me with my sez frequency. Maybe 1=2 a day somedays none at all. Sleeping well and working out add help as well. I now use a vape to smoke from. Lot better for me. Told me doc I use MJ for my sez's. He was pretty cool with it. My prescription pill comsumption is down. Now three a night. I use to take 24 pills a day. Good luck to all..x

If only the doctors had 80% of their stock in Medical Cannabis rather than Dilantin..

did not work 100% of the time to control my Absence seizures. Cannabis
Does! Without the use of Pharmaceutical BS!!

Some people think
of Cannabis as a harmfull drug and dare to criticize it, being very
ignorant. Not knowing anything about this plants potential. Judging a
plant that has been around since the beginning of time..

You can make all the ASSumptions you want about cannabis.. Learn the Facts!

Vaporize it!


I have not had a seizure in over 3 years, not even that aura feeling.


you are sick of taking pills with more adverse effects than good. Try
something thats been proven before profits and pills.

i'll be honest, compared with most of you my epilepsy is relatively mild. it is juvenile myoclonic and ive only had three seizures, usually about six months apart due to lack of sleep and alcohol abuse (my two biggest triggers). my lamictal (250 mg a day) mostly keeps it in check, but i have recently been experimenting with marijuana. not so much for medical purposes but for recreation. and to be honest, a lot of the time it gives me a sort of paranoia that im going to have a seizure due to a sort of shaky feeling i get whenever i move (im sure this is normal, but a shaky or vibrating feelings is also a pretrigger warning for my seizures). consequently, smoking can cause me to worry constantly that i am going to have a seizure, and i was wondering if this can be the case for any sort of epilepsy and if anyone knows anything about it. thank you, alex

hey, i have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy too and i was disgnosed over a year ago after having my first grand mal seizure.. beofre that i would have many little seizures that would go unoticed frequently but i have not had a seizure since then. i am on lamotrigine and i have been contimplating the use of marijuana. i have never smoked before and i was thinking of trying but i am nervous that it will interfere with my meds and will result in a seizure. i was wondering if you had any suggestions or comments because everyone else seems to have a much more extremely kind of epilepsy

have you ever smoked pot and knew it helped controll your sz. i smoked for about a couple years., then stoppped bc of the cost, and making me get into a bigger hole. now, i stopped and sz came back, has that happened to anyone?

ive been smoking pot for 2 years with my epilesy and yes once i stop smoking and the siezures came back i smoke with my meds and ive never had any sz but once i stop the sz came back

Can I ask a stupid question? I have also found this to be true the better the quality the worse it is to get it together. I don't ever mix going out when I used to indulge. What is "schwag"? I really try to get myself stress free but sometimes it is hardyou can email me at

i dont know if some one has responded to your message or not and answered your question. so i will now. schwag is a low quality weed

I have had epilepsy for the past 11 years and no matter what kind of medicine the doctor had me on I still had problems with my seizures. I am currently on tegretol, which has done best for me so far. For the past three years I have been smoking marijuana and have had no problems since then. Marijuana has helped me with my epilepsy more than any doctor prescribed drug ever has, but I still take my tegretol everyday too.

yup me too but im on dilantin

The cause of seizures is either from brain damage, whoever you want to those "disabled", or pot use. Theres a rare amount of left-brained people out there whos brains are effected by Mary Jane in the way that it causes scar tissue

i have had epilepsy for 20 years now. i have been smoking marijuana for about the last 15 years. i do believe that the addition of THC into my system helps. because, i know for a fact that if i do not have my dilantin then i can not have one nights sleep with out a seizures. but i can go up to a week with out it, by getting high every day. there have been times that i have not had my pills and no way to get them and i relied on the cannabis to keep me from having seizures. i have never known any on e that ever had withdraws from weed. but having epilepsy and going threw withdraws off of Methamphetamines. i was at a point that i could not eat for about 3 weeks. it was painful to eat i had seizures almost constantly for 3 weeks. it is just a point in my life that i would never wish on any one.

hi, im new to this site cause i just had a seizure and had 35 stiches put to my head and i also do chemo but i smoke the mary jane and it dose not have any affecton me it relaxes me more than anything and im on 500 mg of dilantin but the mj has a calming and hunger affect to me ask your doctor i did and he dint have a problem with it as long as it didnt trigger any seizures and it doesnt but everyones different ms. lady athena

Canda recently was approved by the FDA to import a marajana derivitive to America as a medication. At present, you can only get this with a presciption from your doctor and only a handful of people actually have been deemed "medically necessary" to get medical marajana. I am not sure if any studies have been done on marajana's effects as an adjunct therapy for epilepsy, but is if is given FDA approval, chances are, some scientific uses are being studied.

Hello,I can't believe my eyes! I was just talking about this very subject the other day! From what i have experienced in my oh so dumb and dangerous years back in highschool, is that yes, definatly, tegretol and weed are quite the combination. I swear on everything holy that tegretol extends your high, for hours. It makes you a zombie, not actually fun, but when your stuck in the middle of nowhere, you take your highs where you can get them. It also makes men impotent!(in combination)Also, it can damage you heart as i found out by overdosing and having to wear a heart monitor for 2 weeks. I was such a stupid kid that i sold my tegretol. I saw it as the only way that epilepsy could make me cool, that i could actually benefit from it instead of being ashamed. I have since grown up and no longer smoke up. What i did was wrong and stupid and i wouldn't recommend anyone else even bother to entertain the thought. I mean, my seizures trip me out so much, why get high and lose even more control? My advice is to take your neurologist seriously and be kind to you mysterious, misfiring brain.

I personally have experinced the effect of relaxation and stress free when in use but unfortunatly been awhile! I really wish they would medically consider it to be legal for us that suffer from this disease. It would help. I am on tegertol also but had to go through alot of different meds to discover this one.

This is such a great topic. When I started having a bad bout with my seizures a few years ago (partial complex) a friend gave me pot. I can't remember which med I was on at the time because I've been on so many. i did ask my neurologist about it though and he gave me a roundabout but interesting answer. In short the Germans do use pot a lot in treating epilepsy. Try doing some research with results outside of the country. I think that we are too conservative in our approach to medicine. I am cautious in what I do but not close minded. I think that alcohol is far more damaging when you are taking medication.

I would like to know where your doctor heard this about Germans treating epilepsy with pot? I have been here in Germany for almost four years and I have been treated my a German neurologist who always wants to make sure I am not using the stuff, but I do anyways for about 25 years now because I also find that it helps me too!!

Although, I never asked her if other neurologist's in Europe use this to treat seizures. I will ask her next time I go see her.

I only have been on Valproic Acid and just recently Keppra and Surmontil because of suffering my third grand-mal seizure so I don't know if my seizure's are caused by me smoking for all these years or all of the other factors that I put in my first blog, especially alcohol!!

I will always agree that we American's seem to be too conservative and I am going to hate going back to the doctor's in America!!! I love it here!!!!


I cannot believe my eyes...I can't believe questions and discussions of such are not filtered out of a website made to teach you about doing your body right and taking necessary precautions while living with epilepsy!  Call me conservative or whatever you want, but I am uphalled that ANYONE with epilepsy and taking anti-seizure meds would even entertain the thought of messing with illegal drugs!  Epilepsy or not, we all know that marijuana has a terrible long-term effect on brain cells!!! Shame on for allowing such discussions when there evidently is no proof shown that marijuana is safe to mix with epilepsy.  If you want to relax, take a long walk or a warm bubble bath, take the phone off the hook, read a book, listen to soft music, but don't be an IDIOT!!!!  I now feel even more deeply for people who have become invalids because of the effects of seizures on their brains and bodies...they had no choice and you dimwits are taking a chance at sending yourself down that same road!  One more thing, you might want to consider young epileptics looking for advice here when you want to post questions like this...your pleasure seeking is very inconsiderate!

to ccs123, fyi...i am a newly diagnosed seizure patient...let's just say  i'm 'old enough to know better' .  Smoking marijuana isn't going to 'wreck my brain cells' any more than the 'crap' i've had to ingest daily just to be able not to 'shake, rattle and roll' , go unconscious for long periods, maintain my position of authority in my job, and do the things you run for fun and lift weights and keep a positive attitude! the doc said it was a good thing and guess what ? it doesn't make the floors tilt, it doesn't make me want to hurt myself, it doesn't make me exhausted, or nauseous, it doesn't mess with my vision, does let me sleep. get off the pedestal and stop judging others.

to ccs123: Theres a reason why marijuana is now being given to people with epilepsy, it works. Your just judging it based on what you have heard. you've probaly never even smoked it. I have had epilepsy for 11 years and i've learned that marijuana helps me more than any other prescribed drug does. If you knew what kind of hell it is to have epilepsy you would jump at the chance to smoke marijuana to get rid of it. And why are you even putting info on here if you dont have epilepsy? The only person that will trully know what its like to have epilepsy are people that have it.

ccs- it's called freedom. Freedom to speak, act and think for yourself. What's OK with you doesn't give you the right to censor and and abridge other folks liberty to believe and act as they best see fit. I'm an American, and I urge you to read our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. -cc

I myself do not understand you quote "Shame on you
At least here we have a place to come to and discuss ANY of our matters OPENLY & FREELY, and usually without being called an IDIOT. Marijuana is a very medicinal drug. It's helped me,why not let it help you. You may be surprised.

This is in response to those who feel that pot is going to have an affect on seizure meds:

I've been diagnosed with epilespy for four years now. I've smoked this entire time and notice the only time I'd problems with the medicine and the weed was on Keppra, and it didn't even do anything wrong other than make me tired. THC is not directly responsible for the response of the cortex, it only effects the THC receptors in the brain.

I recently was put on Keppra about two weeks ago because of having my third grand-mal. I have smoked pot for 25 years and I now live in Germany for four years and have been treated my a German neurologist who always encourages me to not smoke and I never asked her if there were other doctors in the country treating other epilepsy patients with pot.

I also was treated with Valproic Acid when I first got here and a year after I stopped taking it was when I had my third grand-mal in the middle of the night which was like the other two.

I am still wondering if I should continue to smoke pot now that I am on Keppra and Surmontil.

I also feel more tired.


I have heard that it can increase seizures, but others swear that is reduces seizures.It would certainly be a great study!

maybe nobody knows for sure or it depends on the person.
Drug Treatment

First off, what's to say the prescription drugs are safe?   Have you read about all the internal organ breakdowns the scripts cause?  With every seizure, we fry something in our brain.  It's a question of legality and medically correct.  Since you will know the legal aspect from where you are, let's look into medically correct.Drug interaction.  This is the first concern.  I've been on two perscriptions by the same doctor that are NEVER to be taken together.  Brothers and sisters, friends and family of E this is no picnic, fun, or joy ride.  God alone knows what long term damage I carry with me.   And not everyone's body chemistry is the same.  One might have a good reaction, another the experiance from hell.Purity and potency of the marajuana.  Plain, nothing special type should be the first research trial.  Cause most of us just want something to help us relax and turn off.  What non-E's can't understand is alot of us don't stop.  We can't just go to sleep and escape into dreamland.  I proved on my EEG that I can hit the perfect alpha wave and be wide awake.  That was how I "slept"  before drugs.  So don't be judging us for looking for help wherever it can be found.   I have smoked, but not for many years because I couldn't trust that I wouldn't get laced weed.  I did once and I thought I was going to die.  I didn't smoke for the high, but to stop the twitches, jerks, fidgeting, and get some rest. Oh and for the concerned, that was about the same amount that "stoned" my friends without problems.Quite frankly, I wish they would legalize and regulate marajuana for people with medical conditions.  If you don't have one, you have no idea what you are saying.  It can reduce pain for the cancer patients, help the blood flow to the eyes for those with eye diease, and maybe help us.  I miss being able to relax.  I work still and I hurt in my brain from over use than anything else.  Weekends may be spent in bed because I have lost the brain capacity to lift my index finger.   Don't judge.

i do believe it should be legalized for medical purposes. But would I ever use it? probably never. Not trying to peeve anyone off, but people have said "it's just a plant." A lot of the main ingredients in illegal drugs ARE plants. Poppy, well we all know that's a plant. And we know that you can find that stuff in a hardcore illicit drug... Also, ephedra comes from a plant. Ephedra is so unsafe it was pulled off the shelves. I used products containing ephedra like 4 years ago before people knew how unsafe it was, and my blood pressure jumped...a lot. And the same thing with Bitter Orange root, which is also something commonly found in weight loss drugs. And there have been a lot of studies that have came out stating that it may be as dangerous in some people as ephedra. I have done a research project on medicinal marijuana for college and there are many good uses for it and like I said already, I DO think it should be legalized for medicinal purposes BUT i don't think it should be legalized for everyone. And just because it grows from the ground doesn't make it safe. Not trying to upset anyone, but that's just my opinion. U aren't going to eat fruit off of a poisonous plant are you....?

Hello Everyone --It's great to see the discussions we have on this Forum, on this topic and others, where everyone can share their opinion. While this interaction is encouraged, wants to ensure that members are not personally attacked and everyone's presence is valued. Any personal attacks found on this forum will not be tollerated and messages deleted as needed. We do not like to intervene in the Forum, but will do so if we find instances where all members are not being treated with respect.It is through open, fair discussions and the sharing of individual stories that we learn more about epilepsy and seizures, what this forum is meant to provide.-

OK I couldn't resist any longer, I have to put in my two cents.AED's make me so loopy that everyone thinks I am High anyway. Do I condone using illegal drugs? No, but I am not about to judge anyone that does. As previously noted by others...Yes, This is a free country. We should be able to say what we feel. After all, It is just our opinion...and every person alive should be entitled to their own.I don't believe that rudeness, of any kind, should be forced on matter what their beliefs are.And as for the children reading the posts. Yes, they should be monitored by their parents. Who can make the decision of what their child can read. And if they are old enough to go online by themselves then they probably have already heard about pot anyway and have made their own minds up about it. My child has (she doesn't smoke) discussed pot with her boyfriend (he does smoke). Now as for Medical marijuana...I have seen first hand that it can help some people. My friend had breast cancer and was in alot of pain after her surgery. The pot relaxed her more than the pain pills. Now, let's stop the name calling, and try to get along. And before someone calls me names...Yes I am a former pot smoker. I also did other illicit drugs that probably fried a few of my brain cells. They say some of them stay in the body just waiting to come back out in flashbacks. I haven't touched anything illegal for more than 20 years. Maybe I don't really have epilepsy...maybe I am just having flasbacks.OK my lecture is almost finished. People if you are an adult, you can do as you please...Lets just keep our site clean OK? I mean after all, would you call your Mother things like that?...or want someone talking to your sister or daughter that way. Just something to think about.OH Yeah***one more thing*** what is up with Grapefruit? It is just a citrus fruit right? I can eat oranges but not grapefruit? Dayna

Excellent topic choice - "Marijuana and Epilepsy"I live in Beautiful British Columbia! The place from which the universally recognized: "B.C. Bud" originates. And, yes, I smoke marijuana, regularly (?.) When I brooched this topic with my physician he said (quote/unquote): "I would prescribe it for every 3rd Epilepsy patient if I could!" {Now come the heated letters from all the "provincially" minded} - Do what works for you. If you are convinced that it is a deadly and illicit substance, Don't. Also, however, if you find that you can relax, and are seizure free smoking the "occasional" joint, then it's your decision. {I partake, am content with Life's "imbalances, seizure free and most importantly of all: "Openminded." - Did I really read that someone wants this site censored?

Yes you did read that...and it has already been done.Personal attacks are not allowed. It was getting personal rather than just an open topic.I like you believe that to each their own. If it helps you then great. If not, then don't...I choose not to.Dayna

You know what? I never get this "legalization for medicinal purposes" BECAUSE many years ago I was a hospice nurse and we DID get prescriptions, yes, regular prescriptions for MJ for our patients. I personally think it's the most multi purpose MEDICINE, as an RN, that I know of. I lived in a large metro area. My hospice had 5 nurses, covering several regions, and there were two pharmacies of the higher tech variety (such as mixing IV's too etc) that carried MJ in several forms: leaf to roll, THC to smear on a cigarette or a cracker etc, or a poultice. One of our physicians started out just trying MJ on patients with:-intractable pain-anxiety not responding to benzo's or any other med-intractable nausea/vomitingAND, on almost ever patient, once we found the best route of delivery for them? MJ seemed to work where other scripts did not. Especially on the nausea and vomiting. Patients with ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease, suffer incredible anxiety. Personally? When I get real down that I have epilepsy what pulls me out of the pity pot is thinking - but I could have ALS. It terrifies me. It terrified patients and nothing we did ever helped then with the creepy crawly anxieties they had except for THC, active ingredient of marijuana. As we experimented with patient tolerance, dosages, route of delivery what we found as the biggest problem was that we nurses? Took about a WHOLE DAY to roll one joint for a patient, that would then start falling apart the minute it was lit! (They didn't teach "Rolling Joints 101" or "Appropriate Application of a Roach 101" in nursing school!) We also found THC was probably better in results, not inhaling the "debris" from a leaf and we could apply that in several different ways. There was this big protocal for getting the script for a home bound hospice patient with the pharmacies. But it was LEGAL! The last hospital I worked in which was 5.5 years ago? We used it in the hospital, on a very limited basis, for intractable vomiting for chemo patients. With THC you don't have the smoke smell and I have asthma and do find that particular musty heavy odor of weed nearly throat closing but that's my only objection. However I have only seen or heard of THC being used now but that knowledge is my gossip with other nurse friends - not the gospel.From that perspective? My feelings are if I was nauseated and vomiting nonstop, or if I had the creepy willies and anxiety with ALS? And MJ or THC could help me with that but someone's moralities were telling ME, no way? What ARROGANCE!I'm an intractable epileptic and I'm all up for trying alternative measures to even slow my sz's down. I'm highly in favor of "legalizing marijuana" although I still remain confused on that. Maybe it's not needing a script as compared to just buying it like alcohol? I'm not sure. Anyway I checked with my epileptologist and he said on my AEDs it wouldn't hurt me, but in just MY case, probably wouldn't help me either but it was worth a try. I got the "good stuff" - from British Columbia. He "prescribed" smoking 3 joints a day. My BIG problem was? How in the heck can anyone roll a joint and have more than 3 crumbs of the leaves left? Sorry if that offends anyone but good grief - talk about poor eye/hand coordination skills. ANYWAY, I smoked 2 joints and I was in "Loopy Land" in a very uncomfortable way. I felt like when I put one foot down on the floor the floor would sort of sink, and start slanting in that direction. Which of course made me put the other foot down really quick to slant in the other direction and so on and so forth. If it reduced my sz's I was too out there to have known! YIKES. Also my fine motor control was SHOT! But that's me. And I'm very touchy to medicines.Still? Why should that be denied to anyone if they can't take AEDs or if it helps them reduce sz's? To me? That's an immorality. I know of one man who can't tolerate ANY of the AEDs. He's been on the weed for years and rarely seizes until the gov't raided his garden and ripped up his "AEDs". ONE AED I can tolerate, semi works, and that? Is it. You're darn right I tried it. I'm miserably disappointd it didn't work. In fact it made me feel anxious but when the floor is playing games with ya? It's a little unnerving. It also lasted f-o-r-e-v-e-r! Extend release MJ? I will say in my years where I thought everyone lived forever and I was indestructable someone gave me two joints to smoke which I did very rapidly one after the other, never once thinking or knowing they could be laced with something else. WELL was that one heck of a trip. I wound up in the ER and either they knew this somehow by a blood test, or my symptoms, I don't know now my brains were on mega hold at the time I just knew I was in deep doo doo and needed help so I did go to the ER - but those joints were laced with PCP. Not pretty. Which always brings me around to the personal question - why would anyone want to ingest something like PCP? Good Grief! That twas horrid.I stand for endorsing MJ for medicinal purposes, which apparently can be scripted, and more doctors learning about it, and using it as it was done on me, under physician guidance, with the "good stuff". I will also say I didn't have to "build up" a dosage and wait 3 weeks to see what it was going to do for me negative or positive. I knew THAT day, it wasn't for me. Big disappointment.Just an added thing too for those who are very opposed to legalization of marijuana. Cocaine, straight out cocaine is used in many eye surgeries. Straight from the hospital pharmacy. I doubt the patient ever knows they had cocaine administration. Curare is used in most if not all general anesthesia surgeries and THAT was found as the poison on the poisoned darts of some South American Indian tribe. However as a veteran of many general anesthestics, I can't stand the idea of what curare does, but I'm sure glad they found it or I could never be intubated and be safe to operate upon. Maybe my point is before you verbally leap, best take a long look.Gretchen

OH! I have trouble "turning pages", so I didn't get to read all the posts - somehow.I raised 11 children. That doesn't make me Mother of the Year, probably the opposite a lot of the time- Most Burned Out Mother of the Year BUT - the realities of life are? Posting about marijuana use isn't going to be where children are exposed to it's existence or is first going to be heard. All of my children had first exposure in school starting in grade school. We lived in a higher end suburban area (boy those were the days! :( ) but anyway my kids from about 6th grade up, at least at that time would come home and very nonchalantly ask me questions about drugs, alcohol, sexual questions that set my teeth on edge but needed to be addressed. There is no censor for the world. I was glad my children were exposed to these things and did bring their questions home to me. We could then have a good sit down talk and I would listen to them, they could get the straight facts from me.Also most communities now have the D.A.R.E program or something similar starting in grade school. I was a volunteer at my children's grade school a number of years and MJ, alcohol, all kinds of drugs were discussed openly. In fact I'm glad it was because my personal knowledge of street drugs was just about zip on the zip to 100 scale. I couldn't answer my children's questions. I learned right along with them. Footnote: There are some horrid things out there though! Methamphetamines? Good grief why would anyone start using that? Then I think marijuana? I almost felt like encouraging them TO try it rather then go the meth, cocaine, PCP and other routes. Also marijuana is NOT physically addictive as many think. It is however extremely emotionally addictive. There are some very nasty things out there, not pure, and I wanted my children to know about these things at an early age. And they did through their schools, both on the playground and in class, frank discussions at home, and as far as I know no one is a regular user of any drugs and I do think it didn't hurt them to have good healthy exposure and education early in their lives before they were tempted. I even told my children about my pot and PCP experience. I'm not perfect, have never set myself up to them in that way and that horrible personal experience of mine I think sunk in very deeply with them.My kids are all adults now. Maybe some of them have a joint once in awhile. I have no evidence one way or the other. But because they were exposed to the dangers of having your mind altered through the D.A.R.E. program I could also introduce the dangers of driving in that state - it gave me a very good opportunity to introduce "designated driver" and my children will slip it in all the time to me, that they do party, and they do use designated drivers. I'm glad the topic came up. But the BIG thing I did discuss with my children, after working in an ER when I was far too young to handle what came through those doors, was not to drink or drug and drive. My children came from very large schools. Their HS graduating classes were usually about 550 kids and in each class several children were killed drinking, driving or drugging or were killed by someone who was. I've lost a son. Not to that cause but it's not something you get over. It only with luck gets less painful in time. So? THAT is what scares me witless. I read a study that if MF was legalized more children who drink would segue over to marijuana and marijuana smokers tend to know when they can not drive as opposed to people drinking alcohol who don't seem to know when they're impaired. I have never been able to hold any booze but the rare occasion when I would drink in my life I KNEW I could drive - when I couldn't. The friend I mentioned who smoked MJ only for his AEDs? He grew a tolerance to it's effects and said he never felt high any longer and didn't seem to be either. Of course, I can't vouch for that. This paragraph is mostly trivia gained by me but I felt worth throwing in.But I will say this too. We gave each one of our children used computers when they entered middle school or HS and we used the "parental controls" after one of my 7 year old daughters showed me a pornographic site. Well, discussing that was - educational!?Gretchen

Something Gretchen said hit a nerve of mine. The D.A.R.E program is in the elementary schools still here in Calif.My 12 year old tells me they didn't ever tell them much about the drugs...just don't do drugs.Now Heather (my baby) has always been a curious kid. She would come home and ask what "pot" is...or something she heard and didn't understand. Her Father and I have been upfront about my previous drug/alchohol use.I wasn't about to make the same mistakes with her that I made with my son. If she has a question I answer with complete honesty and in grafic detail. She usually gets "grossed out" and that is the end of it. But I do know that she has the information she needs to battle the peer presure of Jr High.I apologize if I insulted anyone with my opinion earlier. I have too many family members that use illegal drugs and they are all to those who partake? OK if you want to...go ahead.My choice of being clean/sober is because my body freaks out too much. I used to be able to drink beer (a 12 pack) without any problems...but now if I drink more than a glass of wine...I am out for the night. I could not smoke MJ even if I wanted to. I am highly allergic to ragweed and other plants. I used to smoke the occasional (back in bong days)...but it hurt my throat. I would be hoarse for a day or two. I was unable to sing if I smoked anything. So even cigarettes had to go.As for Meth? Well there is a drug that scares the heck out of me. I have seen what it can do to a person. One family member was absolutely beautiful, then she got hooked on crystal meth...she doesn't even look like the same person. All the nerve damage that has happened to her face is heartbreaking. She doesn't care that she looks like a stroke victim...she just wants to get High. There are plenty of alchoholics in my family too...I always thought my black outs were related to drinking. But my thoughts about that have changed.Whatever your choice is? It is just that...your choice.Dayna

Pongosmommy - Yes, I agree, Crystal Meth., alcohol, etc. are an entirely different topic. But, on the subject of MJ your letter made me laugh! The inherent problems of rolling a joint in the scenarios your described are funny! You go girl! :)

Hi Dayna -Something you said about the D.A.R.E. program also hit a nerve with me. Wasn't that spawned out of Nancy Reagon's incredibly naive campaign of "Just Say No"? Her Just Say No campaign was started at the time she was defending and explaining why wearing red all the time was smart and defending rigourously, even had a one hour TV special on this very hot little international topic, that red was a "neutral" color which seemed to be more important to her sensibilities than "Just Say No". That Just Say No was so pathetically naive I vascillated between out right fury to being incredulous someone didn't get her mouth taped shut before that became her "cause" to out right hilarity. And Nancy Reagon had to follow, without getting the hint apparently, very earthy I-admit-it -I'm-an-alcoholic Betty Ford? With - Just Say No? I thought that a little tacky.My husband is very open about this just so you know I'm not pulling the family's pants down here. He sponsors people but mainly has helped a lot of youth with alcoholism or addiction. He started drinking at the age of 10 and he was a very good example of being in terminal phases of alcoholism before he rehab'd. I divorced an alcoholic and was certainly not going to get into that trap again and in the year my second, and present husband, and I dated? I did not have ONE clue he drank as heavily as he did. I still can't imagine just from an anatomical point of view how he got so much liquid in his stomach! Impressive. It was also impressive to watch him go through rehab the first time with the shakes, anxieties, explosions, depressions etc then relapsed. Went through rehab again and this time got DT's. Which most people don't I was told. DT's - kill. After the second attempt, he came home and we had a deal his only job for 3 months was fighting to stay sober and doing all the things taught to him to do, one of which was he was going to 90 meetings in 90 days but what really kept him sober was nearly living at one AA hall. I had mixed emotions of huge admiration for him going through this hell of rehab, feeling sorry for him (which didn't go over big), and I'll be honest in my deepest of thoughts there were times I'd see him so miserable in those first early months of sobriety I'd think - good grief just drink it wasn't THAT bad! Of course now years later the effects of years of alcoholism are paying big time visits. Fourteen and a half years though of sobriety - I'm proud of him. Even though I haven't experienced rehab, I have participated as a spouse on his rehab units, lived with a first husband who repeatedly tried to quit drinking - and still does 22 years later and a second husband who went through "the cure" twice and I saw the misery he went through for quite awhile, the different miseries of others and THEN*******Nancy Reagon has the audacity and naivite as the First (memory loss. What do they call that) First Wonder Woman? Anyway JUST SAY NO ain't exactly to me anyway, understanding the problem. That is as cerebral as I can put it on a forum board. I put it much raunchier verbally to friends. That just slayed and infuritated me. I was going to write her an educational letter but thought I'd probably have the Secret Service pay me a visit.So IF Dayna you have gone through rehab and I'm only guessing, then I can not tell you and I mean this I have mountainous admiration for you. That takes a strength of soul and spirit I'm not sure, hope I'll never have to find out, if I have that strength or not. Plus statistically only 10% make it in the first 5 years. Way to go!I come from a large family. There were many adults in my family that were alcoholics. I really can't hold my booze at all plus i hate the way I feel but I know too watching the staggering members of my family during many get togethers was my child hood education too about substance abuse - without anyone saying a word. Consider this was in the l950's. But the alcoholics in my family sort of had, it seems to me now, "grades" of alcoholism such as it's okay for Uncle Elmer to drink so heavily even though it gave him what wound up to be end stage diabetes because HE still worked. That was an "okay alcoholic". Dismissed. NEXT! The two "drunk uncles", who were brothers and I NEVER knew their names, they were always just the "drunk uncles", couldn't work because they could barely walk but they were treated like family mascots and kind of coddled. Times they have changed!I think the D.A.R.E. program probably is as good as the person who leads it though. I can see from the course material how it could be just as vapid or dynamic as the person, in our community always a policeman, taught it. The GORGEOUS young policeman (pardon me but epilepsy didn't make me blind to eye candy!) who taught my children's program was a rehab'd drug/alcohol user. He made a very strirring image because he was gorgeous and very healthy appearing. That's just a fact and with 6th grade girls that made "impact", and then he used himself as an example, used very vivid and graphic personal histories that would almost make me wince at times, the difference in his life of drugging and drinking and sobriety, but he did get through to these kids. So you live in California huh? Did perchance Nancy Reagon teach your children the D.A.R.E. program and flip off a - just say no? (Just typing that phrase infuriates me). If someone wants to get recreationally high or smoke funky mushrooms? They should be able to induce some of the auras I get. Let's see, try out Alice in Wonderland. Or, have hallucinatory smells like burning chicken feathers. OR go auditory and hear "I'm home" very distinctly, when you're the only one in the house. OR one of my all time favorites is Jamais Vu, a sister to Deja. Or HEY - try toxic! That's always a great little trip through the mind zoo!Good grief - brains! I need a transplant.Gretchen

uhhh hi.
i was kinda lazy to read the rest of the replies and posts...
but what does Marijuana do to epileptics that are on medications? or that aren't on medications? i just am as to curious lol... by the way if ur weight is easily altered can marijuana affect it like depakote? lol

my neurologist....(not going to publish in a journal anywhere) on first visit suggested if i could "get my hands on marijuana" that there were studies that showed that it aided in lessening the incidence of seizures in some patients , particularly those w/ nocturnal seizures....this neuro. is spec. in epilepsy. ps...i am not taking i can't  comment on that.

which pill are you taking?? I take lamictal and have myoclonic epilepsy can I smoke?

i take lamictal and have nocturnal epilepsy. from what i've noticed since starting the medication and its interaction with weed is almost no headaches and nausea (the aftereffects of my seizures) upon waking. everyone is different, but it's been fine for me.

I would not worry about a connection b/t marijuana and tegretol. I had a round about/direct conversation with an Neuro MD once about this same topic and the message is absolutely stay away from alcohol and grapefruit.

Of course don't overdue it, you should know your limits, but a FEW tokes every now and then, aren't going to interact. Again, don't be doing gravity bongs at 2:00am after you had some brews, etc., etc., etc.

As far as grapefruit, and I did not read all of these posts so maybe someone answered it; as I understand it, grapefuit can increase the effects of tegretol due to an ezyme in grapefuit that somehow will increase the amount of medicine in the body.

I'll jump on the bandwagon on this one,,,

i take 1200 mg of tegatol,, 300mg of topamax and have ativan for when i have 2 or more seziures in a row,,, i also have ms..
they also have me on numerous other pills,,, including some for muscle pain and some for nerve pain,,,
given the choice of taking the ativan to relax me so i dont continue to seize or light up,, i chose to light up any day...
sorry if that offends all of you who dont believe in that out there,,but there it is.. rather than sallow more pills i would rather inhale,,,
I have raised three boys who do not smoke either cigarettes or weed, and i would hope that they never do,, they have no idea that i do but if ever caught at it i would hope that they understand as i did when i at the ripe age of 36 rolled for my mother when she was dying of breast cancer...
There is not black