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Epilepsy and Glyconutritional Products Like Ambrotose

Dear Readers;Does anyone have any stories/results to share about taking glyconutritional products like Ambrotose to help alleviate the effects of epilepsy including seizures?Sincerely,Al Picken


No but in epilepsy cured support group, they may know.Lisa

Lisa,Thanks for the info.  I was wondering if anyone has tried Glyconutritional products (like Ambrotose) for epilepsy since I seemed to have had significant resullts with it for my son.He's 16, has JME and in Oct/Nov last year was having quite a hard time.  He was having cluster seizures (4-5 grand mals) about every two weeks, basically washed out of high school and really down because of his illness.  He was taking Depakote, Lamictal, and Zonegran at the time.Around Thanksgivng, I put him on the Ambrotose product and the cluster seizures stopped.  With the Doctor's permission and guidance we slowly took him off of Lamictal and Zonegran, which were seriously effecting his personality, speech, memory, and cognition.  While going off the Zonegran, he had one grand mal on December 29th.  To our knowledge, he hasn't had a seizure since, and is doing a lot better emotionally.I just wanted to share his story and see if anyone else has had a similar one relative to glyconutritional products.Sincerely,Al  Picken

Thanks for the info. I will check it out.Lisa

Does Ambrotose work?


I'm 34 yrs. old and started Complex Ambrotose capsules about a month ago. I haven't seen any results yet. I wanted to know how much is your son taking per day and if it is the Complex or Advanced Ambrotose.

I have heard nothing but positive feedback on Ambrotose.

Steven Sanderson

My son has been on Ambrotose for approx 2 years. Even though he was taking Depakote and Trileptal, he was still having seisures. Ever since he started taking the Ambrotose (6 spoons/day), he hasn't had any major episodes. He may experience auras once in a while but they pass quickly. We also supplemented his treatment with acupuncture and chinese medicine and herbs. I can't say which one has worked, but things are way better! Good luck.

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