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Control epilepsy with neurofeedback

Hi all. I'm hoping that I can help someone. I have had genetic generalised epilepsy for 35 years. About 22 years ago though, whilst going to uni, it reached its peak. Some days three grande mal seizures, at least one a week. Many war wounds and countless medication. At the height of it, I was taking 3000mg epilim and 100mg? Tegretol. Needless to say, very tired, overdosing regularly, unable to drive or drink alcohol.
Luckily my aunt Dr Del Sherlock, offered to do neurofeedback for me. Del was one of the first in Australia to do Neurofeedback. She didn't make any promises, nor tell me to stop taking drugs and we worked with my neurologist whom she also recommended. I must have had 17 x 20 minute sessions of neurofeedback with her and finally took control of my seizures once again.
If that wasn't enough, I managed to go on further to reduce my epilim medication from 3000mg to just 700mg. I haven't had a seizure since my daughter was born 13 years ago and once my neurologist told me to stop breastfeeding and have the hubby take night shifts, they stopped and are no more.
There were never promises to get off my medications altogether, it was just a let's try approach to reducing them. I am so grateful to my aunt and want to share my story with everyone. Del is now retired but there are many others doing neurofeedback. It isn't cheap but comparing with cost of medication and lifestyle, it is well and truly worth every cent. I drink, drive and lead a normal life all thanks to neurofeedback.
Hope this helps someone.


Glad to hear this.

Glad to hear this. neurofeedback  does work but for many things.A person can help get control of their seizures if they really work with their neurologists and it does take time and questioning and possible procedures. I will never be completely seizure free but a seizure lasting a few seconds now and then doesn't bother me. I was with the same group of neurologists since 1970-71. So they knew I would be asking questions. For every question they asked me I had at least one for them. I have been drinking most of my life. I have just limited my drinking. Driving no. I know how and will in the case of an emergency. But then I have been living and dealing with it for 50+ years

That's awesome.  My wife had

That's awesome.  My wife had great results with EEG neurofeedback the first time she tried it.  It took nearly five months of sessions before she really noticed any benefit/change, but then one day it was like someone turned a light switch.  She had cognitive clarity and was high functioning.  Seizure free and med free for four years.Unfortunately, seizures returned after she delivered our first child (and got worse after our second).  We haven't quite been able to close Pandora's Box ever since, including with another attempt at EEG neurofeedback.It's well worth exploring IMO.  I've written a lot about neurofeedback over the years:

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