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Cbd + epilepsy drugs

I take a combination of Keppra, lamictal and Zaronyin and I am still not seizure free. I have absence seizures. I’m curious about CBD oil. Does anyone know if it would conflict with the Zarobtin, keppra or lamictal?


Hi Murpmr, Thanks for posting

Hi Murpmr, Thanks for posting. Please contact your neurologist to determine what treatment is best for you. You may also visit, , for additional information on medical marijuana. You may want to consider with your health care provider having a device that can help track your seizures, by visiting , so you can share this information with your neurologist and by keeping a seizure diary , as another self-management tool that may be helpful in tracking seizures, other symptoms, managing medication and other therapies, recognizing triggers and health events that may affect seizures and wellness, and communicating with your health care team.For additional questions or help navigating local, or national resources you may always contact our 24/7 national helpline by emailing us at, and by calling, 1-800-332-1000, Additionally your local Epilepsy Foundation & ,can help you find resources, support groups, events, and programs in your community.

I can't say for cbd oil but I

I can't say for cbd oil but I vaporize cbd flower and if I do at the same time lamictal is peaking it will exacerbate the side-effects, aka it makes me soooooo sleepy. I've learned to avoid vaping at the same time and since then I've been fine. 

More info on cbd's

More info on cbd's relationship to seizure medications:

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