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Catamenial Seizure (the view from the outside)

Fair Warning, I am a guy, I HAVE NEVER had any seizures before.
I'm posting because a woman I'm interested in dating does.
Prior to knowing her I didn't know anything about seizures other than maybe they were caused by stroboscopic lights

I'm very analytical when something becomes personal to me I gain an interest.
What disappoints me is that almost every post I see on here is about how to obtain some drug or medication to mitigate the problem.
I realize suffering with seizures is very difficult and it can make a person frantic, confused, frustrated and of course dependent on some kind of alleviation

My philosophy is to try the most natural remedy as possible.

What I've found out is that Catamenial seizures are a very complex condition to remedy (when you don't know anything about it)
Of course most of you know by now it's a hormonal imbalance with estrogen and progesterone related to a woman's cycle.
It also involves the entire Endocrine system including the Thyroid (T3) and (T4) Globulin (which binds to estrogen), Liver (that metabolizes estrogens) Pancreas (produces enzymes that can break them down), Kidneys (which Proteuria can form) and the gut.

The woman I'm talking to is in her 30s but is being babied and I can't see her due to her inability to be alone from her relative, she can't drive, doctors are clueless and just prescribing her more drugs for the last 20 years, meanwhile I have all these remedies I want to try and I'm relegated to just talking to her and results are SLOW.

So I'm asking for all you women who do have this condition let me know if the following remedies help.
Teas (traditional medicinal/yogi or store brand eqiuvalent) using Apple Cider Vinegar with mother and yellow root splashed in it.
Steaming green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, cilantro (remove metals), parsley, mustard greens, broccoli, brussels.
Root Vegetable Juicing beets carrots, turnips, celery, maybe a bit of spice like jalapeno/onions radishes

Diet changes
Avoid Artificial flavors and sweeteners, reduce salt, fat and sugar intake and high cholestorol.
Eat more fish, nuts (Brazil Nuts)
Berries and raw fruits

Eat more nuts especially Brazil Nuts
Multivitamins that include B vitamins, Selenium, Zinc and Magnesium especially around start of Ovulation and Menstruation increase intake
Consider taking Turmeric (Inflammation and liver cleansing), Cayenne Pepper (Digestion) with a little black pepper (You can buy empty capsules on Amazon and go to a farmers market and buy spices cheaper (depending on your location) You can mix them. Wear a mask when making cayenne it makes me sneeze a lot but that's how you know you got the good stuff.

Last but not least I been reading a few articles like this one or this one for example explaining a key overlooked cause of Catamenial Imbalance is Dysbiosis in the Gut with estrobolome
So Probiotics may be a key. I don't necessarily mean yogurt as it can have protein and you might need to stay away from it. But as of 2019 Walmart sells this one with Pancreatic Enzymes

Sounds crazy right? Probiotics a root cause to catamenial seizures??? I don't know, but anything is worth a shot if you ladies are not finding any solutions with this lethargic doctors we are paying crapload of money to.
I hate to see people suffer like this endlessly. I can't imagine going through that for years. The least I can do as a person without seizures is hopefully point you all in a new or right direction to a solution.

Remember what I've shared is the tip of the iceberg, keep researching and learning more.


You need to get her some lab

You need to get her some lab tests that could assist in designing her diet. Food allergies, food intolerance, urine organic acids, comprehensive digestive stool analysis and parasitology. And you need a good natropath or functional medicine doc who has experience in hormones. I wish you the best in your journey, 

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