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Alkaline diet and epilepsy?

Alkaline diet and water literally saved my life.  Due to all the mycotoxins and secondary metabolites in my system present from years of a starch and grain heavy diet, I was fatigued and unhealthy all the time. My blood pH was so acidic that I was unable to properly absorb vitamins, or maintain calcium levels.  The result was that my liver was getting slowly damaged and I was feeling awful as a resulting warning sign.  Once I switched to a veggie heavy diet and started drinking alkaline water, my blood pH stabilized and much of the pressure was taken off of my body's waste removal systems.  Alkaline water is now an important component to the way I structure my diet and physical health.  My Water For Life system is important to this process. I'm not sure what I would do if I didn't have it around for easy access.  I have noticed that when I keep alkaline don't have seizures.  Has anyone seen any research on this?


I gave my daughter tonight

I gave my daughter tonight smartwater that has alkaline 9+ph. I  tried it today for the first time for me and thought it would be beneficial for her. I am not sure just yet but I will consult with her neurologist.

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