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Does sport have anything to do with my epilepsy?

I’ve been recently diagnosed with epilepsy. I also played high level soccer my whole life and 5 years of varsity university soccer in Canada. I have had a lot of blows to the head over the years, but never diagnosed with concussion. I lost partial vision during one game after a head collision, so coach took me off, I felt dizzy that evening but physio ruled me okay to play the next day. That was my worst collision for sure. Has anyone ever asked what role sport and head trauma may have in their diagnosis? My neurologist doesn’t seem to think there is a link at all, and even encouraged me to get back to soccer a week or so after my grand mal seizure. If there are any athletes with epilepsy with similar curiosities or weird symptoms during games or competition I would love to hear them. I had a game tonight and felt oddly dizzy and sometimes I’m not sure if it’s my epilepsy or something else.


My neurologist doesn’t seem

My neurologist doesn’t seem to think there is a link at all.. Well head injuries can use concussions. They may be for a few seconds but they can cause bleeding. If not checked out correctly that bleeding an cause scar tissue. I know I hit my head in a fall when a ladder rung came out when I was on it. I hit the top rail on a bunk bed spinning my head around and slamming my mouth into the bottom rail knocking out 4 teeth and putting gashes in my jaw and tongue. The doctors were more worried about the 36 stiches they put in my mouth then the bump on my head. Well that happened when I was 7-8 yoa. I started having seizures when I was 13-14. Doc wanted to look at possible procedures that could help control my seizures better and I have scar tissue in more then one lobe on the left side of my brain. So your  Physiotherapy person doesn't know everything about concussions. If you look at American football you would also see that they have been working to slow down head injuries so fewer concussions happen. Research older football plyers and you would see that they have been having issues because of this concussions. If you want definitive proof then you need a MRI that would show anything on your brain that is not normal. They did one back in 1964 but they didn't know wither that scaring was before or after birth. in 2001 is when Doc did his nd he came up with the 7-8 yoa. It took a lot of thinking and time to recall what happened when I was that age but I did it. You don't forget not having 4 teeth knocked out. It is WHEN they were knocked out that I finally put together

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