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Tue, 03/17/2020 - 20:03
I started to take seizure's at the age of 9, year's old. I was diagnosed with Grandma seizure's first then Petite mal seizure's like at first, my seizure's use to scare the liven s*** out of me because I was only 9 year's old. But later on in life I had a CORPUS-CALLOSUM it is a type of brain surgery. It's to slow down seizure activate that is in the brain it dose not get rid of them but it help's a great deal latter on in your life time. like I have a friend Sara that is funny as h***, because I live in a some what group home. Now myself I LOVE, BATMAN , my favorite color is blue , and I LOVE, SPENCER'S shop my favorite word is F*** this or F*** that. I work at P,A,R,C, PRODUCTION'S I'm in a wheelchair I'm a lot quick with my hand's and leg's. And I know some of my friend's feel like they should feel sorry for me I never asked them to feel , sorry for me .

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