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Fears from stomach to chest all day

Tue, 04/30/2019 - 14:38
My daughter was diagnosed with Focal seizures about 3 years back. She used to complain about fears coming from stomach to her chest and face when she was 6 years old and then she used to have kind of panick attacks and then she used to sleep that whole day. She never used to remember what happened that day. We were very scared initially and then for few months it didnt happen and she was normal. One day when she was about 8 years old she had a seizure in school when and she was chewing a pencil and didnt respond. After this episode we went to a neurologist and they did EEG and said she has focal seizures. Now few years down the line we changed medication few times as it did not work well. Late last year she started complaining of fears from her stomach everyday and the neuro just increased the dosage but it did not help in anyway. We switched our neuro and the new neuro did EEG for 2 to 3 days and finally concluded she does not have any abnormal electrical activity in the brain. He asked us to meet a Pschychiatrist. My daughter still complains of fears in stomach all day and very recently she still had spells of epilepsy where she would not respond for few seconds. We are checking for a Pschychiatrist now but i want to know if there is anyone who ever experienced or know anyone who have these recurring fears in stomach/chest and coming to your eyes due to epilepsy. I read about non-epileptic seizures and wondering if anyone have experiences these and can share some of your experiences and help me. Thank you again and I pray and wish all the people with epilepsy and their families to stay strong and be happy as I am sure this is a temporary setback in life and there are good days ahead.


Your daughter’s episodes

Submitted by Amy Jo on Wed, 2019-05-01 - 07:58
Your daughter’s episodes sound like classic descriptions of seizures, not PNES. It is possible to have focal seizures which don’t show up on EEG, there are just physical limitations to EEGs. Please consult a pediatric epileptologist to discuss diagnosis issues. Don’t think this is anything to do with veterans.

I agree with Amy Jo. Some of

Submitted by folken on Sat, 2020-02-22 - 17:26
I agree with Amy Jo. Some of my partial seizures come with a "rising sensation" like I'm just cresting over the top of a roller coaster. It's a form of somatosensory hallucination. It's not vertigo, either. I have that as well. And a mix of emotions that includes fear is a common component of the auras. Are you a retiree?

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