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Brain zaps and seizures

Sat, 04/15/2017 - 13:35
Seizure So, I am a normal person just like everyone else. I'm sharing my story with you today and you may think this guy has some issues, but I will tell you happened to me. I had surgery on my shoulder in 2016 and was prescribed Percocet. Within a day or two after my prescription was gone, I started getting these massive headaches and what I later would call "brain zaps". I was freaking out due to this and told wife to take me to the ER. I explained what was happening to me and the doctor told me it was a side effect of coming of the medication. After a year, I'm still dealing with brain zaps. I had already been seeing a neurology doctor for my migraines and when I told him about the zaps, he waived it off and didn't take it seriously. He stated it was probably from the migraines. So, I dealt with zaps the best way I could, which wasn't very well. It was very annoying and discomforting. I would get the electrical shocks in my brain that would affect my vision, my ability to hear and my taste. I compared myself to a computer that short circuiting. The effects would "at first" only last a few seconds and would stop. The sensations I experienced was the equivalent to be hit in the face, but without the actual hurting of being hit. My vision would go white. I would hear the sound of foil being crumpled in both ears and my tongue felt I had stuck 3 nine volt batteries onto it. I tasted metal in my mouth, as well. Not the most pleasant feeling. Over the course of year, the neurologist was unable to explain to me why this happening. I had multiple MRI's done. CT scans were done and EEG's. The results were negative for anything serious, which was good, but got me nowhere closer on trying to find any answers to my issue. I will add that I was also seeing a Psych doctor for depression as well and was trying different medications too. It wasn't until she put me on Simbalta that my brain zaps stopped. I didn't realize at the time it was Simbalta that stopped them, but later learned after I had ran out and had to wait a few days for a new prescription. The zaps came back in full force and even stronger and more frequently then before. I explained this to my neurologist and again he waived it off, like brains zaps are not a real thing was glad to that the zaps had subdued. Problem solved.... Everything is great right, not so much. A month ago, I was on my to work when I lost control of any ability to control my muscles and was slumped over and watched myself wreck into a building, while I was in parking lot. I was going about 5 mph, so major damage to the building or anyone. I was able regain some strength and thought I needed to back up from what just happened and so I put my truck into reverse. I again, lost any ability to move and wrecked into a parked car. The person that owned the car was there and helped me out my vehicle, where I fell to the ground. He helped me up and I was very disoriented at that moment as we made our way to the back of my truck to check for any damage. He said their was no damage and not to worry about it. I said ok and went about day. I parked my wrecked truck and went to work. Not once did I think I needed any type of medical attention nor did I let anyone know what happened to me at work. Not because I did want anyone to know. I just didn't have any need at the time to say "what the hell just happened".... Never thought twice about it. I finished work and was walking to vehicle and as I got closer, I thought to myself about the wreck and thought I had dreamt it the night before, until I saw the damage. I climbed inside my truck and then chose to drive the vehicle to a collision center, which later I learned that vehicle was undrivable after the wreck and should not had been on the road at all. Only after getting to center, I decided to call my wife and explain what happened. She came to center and picked me and took straight to the ER. As I was being evaluated and tested, I received a text message from an unknown person stating that he had also gone to a collision center and sent pictures of the estimate to get his car fixed. I was thinking to myself, who/what is this???? I remember, I guy stating nothing was wrong with his car. How did he get my number. I called the person and as we talked, I come to find out, I had a wreck before the wreck. What I had thought was my only wreck for that day was not the case. Apparently, I crashed into a car, before arriving to work "luckily only doing about 5 mph too" at a light. Police came and reports were filled out and I have no memory of ANY of it, even till today. I'm guessing, but I would say at a minimum, at least 30 to 45 minutes had elapsed during the situation and I can't recall anything. I then explained this to the ER staff and the head numerologist told me after reviewing my medical history that he believed I had a seizure or a series of seizures. He also thought my brain zaps might had been a precursor to seizures or might have been mini seizures. Since the event, I am taking keppra (2000mg), which I can only handle 1000mg and lost my license for 6 months. VERY frustrating to have to deal with my everyday life and having to have to depend on other people to get me where I need to be. So here is my story and not sure what expect next, but only time will tell. I'm in the military and was 3 months away from retirement when this happened. Since then, I'm on medical hold and probably will be looking at 6 to 9 months before I am able to move on from the military. In a sense, it was a blessing in disguise that this happened while I'm on active duty, but changes plans considerably. I'm glad I didn't hurt anybody during the incidents and I'm thankful for that. My wife is by my side and that's important. Good luck to anyone that has to deal with this diagnosis and the loved ones that standing behind them. -Leo


Thank you for your story, Leo

Submitted by Liz_58f376d58ff98 on Sun, 2017-04-16 - 09:56
Thank you for your story, Leo. I wish you the best. 

Hi Leo, that sounds harrowing

Submitted by Katie Herman on Thu, 2019-02-14 - 15:28
Hi Leo, that sounds harrowing.  I have also recently stopped SSRI anti depressants because they were inducing extremely strong auras and the doctors were taking way too long to figure anything out, and am experiencing these intense brain zaps. In hindsight I've had these for a while and thought they were a part of my anxiety. I read a case study and apparently the medications should be weened off over 6-24 months from long term use vs. weeks or a few months which is more commonly done. Regarding your conscious slumped seizure,  that happened to me as well during a period of particularly active seizures.  I'd never experienced anything like it,  i was actually in the hospital as id been having 24-48 hour seizures.  I was in a wheelchair completely conscious,  but lost all motor function, slumped over and could not communicate to the person with me other than saying "i feel dizzy",  i was able to follow some basic directions to get into an MRI table for a short period of time before consciously hearing the tech say please stop moving,  i was consciously going into convulsions, and he realized grabbed my body and then i blacked out.  It was surreal.  

This has been very helpful! 

Submitted by dogmom4 on Wed, 2019-12-04 - 15:42
This has been very helpful!  I have just started looking into my brain zaps.  I take Effexor which is notorious for brain zaps if not taken regularly.  My brain zaps have been getting worse over the past several months.  Today is the worst day since having continuous brain zaps.  I'm getting more dizzy and my memory is nothing anymore which makes me sad because I don't remember a lot from when my kids (19 and 24) were little.  I just started doing intense research today because of the zaps being so bad.  Thank you so much for sharing your story!  It helps to know I'm not completely crazy LOL!  I hope you're feeling better and are living a great retirement!  Thank you for serving!!!!

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