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Transient epileptic amnesia

Basically i started having memory loss in April 2015, and have done pretty much every other day since. I am currently going to appointments to see a neurologist to try and help me get a diagnosis.

I normally have memory loss for around 5 minutes, within the first 30 minutes of waking up. I will remeber who i am, but i wont remember any of my STM, or any recent memories i might have made. An example is getting the tube to work in the morning and having an 'attack'. I'll know i'm on the tube, but i wont have a clue where i am going and if i go through any of the stations i wont recognise any of their names. When i am alone an attack is usally accompanied with a strong feeling of anxiety.

Whilst with other people/ having a conversation i will usually say someting ridiculous and completley out of context 'ie -insisting i've just seen a talking cat', but i will still be talking in full/ proper sentences. I often ask the other person questions like 'where am i', 'where are we going', 'who are you ect'. recently they have also been accompanied by retching and vomiting. I also can get them happening throughout the day if i am stressed.

I've looked on the internet and the thing that i feel describes my condition the most is TEA. I'm only 21 so i'm a bit worried about it. If anyone else has similar symptoms and can help me out a bit that would be great. thanks.  

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