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Sun, 11/09/2014 - 18:17  is there any chance anyone could fill out this survey for me?? i'v had epilepsy for 6 months now and decided to base a school project on it, i just need some primay information from other sufferes the survey is 110% confidential, your help would be so greatly appreciated.




I took the survey... I also

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2014-11-29 - 12:33
I took the survey... I also know that it is up to the person that has epilepsy to take care of themselves. A person can be treated differently because friends and family members to not look at EVERYTHING. Parents want to protect their child or family member. However with technology today they may go overbosrd with their protection. A person that has epilepsy is like everybody else. They do have a handicap which is unseen. Kind of like a person with a heart ailment or someone with diabeties. Are they treated differently?? It is not epilepsy that the average person is afraid of. It is the stigma associated with epilepsy. That stigma has been arround for thousands of years. In Roman times it was called the Falling Sickness. Did they know what a heart attack was? Or diabeites? NO because the people with those illnesses dies of natural causes.If you think it is hard now you should have been arround back in the 1960's when people with epilepsy were still being put away in homes. The old statement "Out of sight out of mind" can be associated wiith it. In the 1970's there were still some states who would not let a person with epilepsy get a marriage license. With the advances in technology today moer people are being treated and have successful lives. Medications today are better then those I took in the 1960's.Epilepsy is more common then Parkensons Alzh and strokes combined. But do people hear about epilepsy like they do strokes, heart ailments or cancer??? We do have a month and color. When I go to my pharmacy I see the pink ribbon pined to shirts and ask why they arent wearing a purple one. By asking that question I have seen them wear a purple one now and then. But then purple is also a color for a cancer too. I hope you do a good job on your project and please come back and let us know what happened. Joe PS I wrote an essay on epilepsy when I was 13-14. When I was diagnosed the doctors talked to my mothe and never answered my question which was "What is epilepsy". In english class we had to write an essay on anything we wanted. I chose epilepsy because by choosing that I could research what it was and the different kinds of epilepsy. 

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