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kindly someone explain this.

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 12:32

hello everyone

at the moment i am not sure what i have (this is due the reason that i am in an institute where epilepsy is a career breaker and until i return home for vacations i cant get tested i mean eeg and panel test done.)what gappened few weeks ago was that i was in a class and i was sleeping (yes i was dozing off) i was sitting on a chair and my head resting upon the desk , then suddenly i fell and according to my friends i started shaking like iwas electrocuted i was foaming too. my ECG was normal but blood sugar was low and i was also skipping meals. it happened in the morning and i went to the classes without breakfast.

i know only proper test can rule out epilepsy but still what do you think i have

it was low blood sugar? or what else can it be
i am a healthy young male with no medical conditions



Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2014-04-21 - 16:55
Welcome I see and read your post. There are many things that can cause a seizure and not all of them are epilepsy. i am in an institute where epilepsy is a career breaker ... <<<< Ok what institute will not permit tests such as an EEG when they will permit a ECG. Basically one test shows electrical iimpulses in the brain the other electrical impulses in the heart according to my friends i started shaking like iwas electrocuted <<<< they saw what happened. A electrical impulse causes a jerk in the muscle. What a seizure is in basic terms is an electrical impulse going off in the brain causing a chain reaction. The start would be the electrical impulse going off wrong. The chain reaction is the seizure all caused by electrical impulses. Now if you are aware or your friends told you what happened and it does happen again the seizure you had might have been a grand mal seizure. But understand that that is not the only kind f seizure a person can have.I have several types of epilepsy which have many kind of seizures. I also understand that certain field someone with epilepsy should not be working in them. The same with driving. What would happen if you had had that seizure while driving or walking on a scaffoldboard. What about working in a kitchen Knives are generally razor sharp in most kitchens/ I know I sharpened mine and tested them by shaving a part of my arm. So many of us know tha dangers fo working in the wrong fields of work. I had gone 3+ years without any seizure before having while cooking at home. I set up an appointmernt and in that appointment I found out getting too hot too fast is a trigger for some people with epilepsy so I had to leave the profession I loved and was being trained to be a roving chef.. Relax and when you go home have tests done. Until you have another one stay where you are and get some sleep rather then using the desk top to nap. Good Luck Joe

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