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Dad with Epilepsy

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 22:00

Hi, I'm 15, and I've been living with my dad's epilepsy all my life. My dad has frontal lobe epilepsy, and it progressed to a point in which his reasoning skills and comprehension of emotion are very... Strange. I honestly a bit cluless when it comes to my dads health issues. My dads very secretive about his doctors appointments, and lies a lot about what he can and can not do. My dad got significantly worse after a test done to help locate the epilepsy, in which some doctors inserted sensors inside his skull. I know my dads on a couple medecations in addition to medical marijuana.

I'm frustrated with my dads ability to care for himself, much less me. He rarily understands the concequences to his actions and since the surgery gets SUPER mad really fast. Any help? I'm looking for answers to his behavior, or people with similar experiences.

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