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Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Wed, 06/20/2007 - 16:05
I have a nine month old son diagnosed with severe intractable seizures. He has had no syndrome diagnosis yet and has been tested for many. The neurologist, Doctors, Epileptologists left me with little hope and a grim future. I started taking him to a Chiropractor at six months age. He is now on his 27th day seizure free and already stepping him down from his meds ( Phenobarb, zonegran, keppra and diastat) which he was on the max of all as well he is also on the Ketogenic diet. Stage would have as many as 24 seizures (Grand mal) per day since birth. He has not had more than two seizures in one day since seeing the chiropractor. Even the neurologist and Ketogenic dietician are impressed with how well my son is doing. There also is a little girl at my chiro's office who was having seizures onsetting at six years of age. After a month and regular visits to the chiro. she is seizure free. I get really frustrated when I think about how hospitals don't even reccommend Chiro's. I went against my neurologists advice and I am glad that i did. Those damn seizures fried enough of my babies brain. He is nine months old and has several health issues associated with the seiz's which we are hoping will improve with time. When my son was origionally hospitalized at two weeks a twist of fate happened and the baby in the next rooms dad had a brother who had seizures and he said they took him to a chiro and they went away. That same day I asked the neuro.s and they said "No it would compromise the seizure control we had". What control? He was having nonstop seizures over medicated and sedated choking on his own secretions and would stop breathing. I'm glad with the choice I made. I say give it a chance the side effects of seeing a chiro is never going to be as bad as what those drugs and seizures took from my baby and our family. I am happy to say that my son is not only on his 27th day seizure free (longest since birth), but he is starting to smile. Waking up. Making sounds. Moving his hands, toes and feet. Our future has so much hope. He still has a lot of therapy ahead of him. Physical, speech, eating you name it, but you know what he at least has a future at this point. Thanks to Doctor Hansen the chiropractor. (Whom by the way was so moved by my son and his downward spiral of health he has never accepted a payment and has done all of my sons care out of pocket) My one word of advice? You know your kid better than anyone and trust your instincts they are usually right. The hardest thing for me to accept was that I was never going to find anyone person who has gone through the exact thing as me and I've been to the real low's. I wish everyone hope. This has been a traumatizing ride one which has forever changed who I am. I am often resentful to those who take their children's health for granted because these days when my infant sons fingers brush against mine I realize how prescious having a healthy child can be.


For all looking for a

Submitted by GhostWriter33 on Wed, 2017-10-11 - 22:27
For all looking for a chiropractor that can help look into  NUCCA chiropractors they focus in the right areas such as the cervical area. I have been going to one and I already feel better.

going to a different doctor

Submitted by rsess32 on Sat, 2018-09-15 - 15:01
going to a different doctor to ask about chiropractic is like going to a catholic person and asking about the Protestants. or asking a football player to teach you about being a musician. If you have a question about chiropractic go to a chiropractor. There are even board certified Chiropractic Neurologist that can help you and answer all your questions you have. Nothing against neurologists, its just common sense if you have questions about something go to the actual source, not in a roundabout way.

We also have had much success

Submitted by yahwehsmymaster on Fri, 2019-12-06 - 23:57
We also have had much success with chiropractic care for my 2 year old.  He went from daily or more seizures to 7 weeks free.. now he literally has seizures after a fall or bumping of the head or something knocking his spine.  We get him adjusted and straightened out and it goes away.  He has lyme and that inflammation knocks him out so we take him to the chiropractor 3 times aweek but that gets 7 weeks no seizures is so worth it. We are doing other things too like omegas And vitamin d and treating lyme but the chiropractor is essential.  The atlas will pinch the brainstem and cause seizures... we found that out because 98%  Of his seizures was while he was eating and we took him off foods that trigger seizures and that didn't help and so we wondered about the jaw and got to the Chiropractic care. The  Jaw will aggravate the Atlas when Atlas is out of place

Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by katelyns mom on Fri, 2007-07-06 - 10:58
I am so glad you commented on this. Thanks to you, we have scheduled an appt. for our daughter with a Chiropractor. We contacted Dr. Hanson (in Edmond OK) for help. He was very confident that Chiropractic care can help. Is this the same Dr. Hanson you see? Just curious.

Re: Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by stages mom on Thu, 2007-07-12 - 23:32
I am so happy to hear that you have scheduled for your daughter to see a chiropractor. Just took Stage today and he has been doing great. We have completely taken him off his morning phenobarb dose! Had a few seizures but not bad. Worth how much more alert he is. The Chiropractor we see is Dr. Hansen in Everett, WA. Good luck with your little girl. I hope that your chiropractor is as good as mine. Dr. Hansen is very good about educating me on how the nerves and their functions work. If your have questions about chiro. care let me know.


Submitted by janellesmom on Tue, 2007-11-13 - 01:06
well today was our first visit with the chiroprator, he seem to be educated and aware with his services and epilepsy he also gave me a handout on an organic hole milk formula receipt? we will have our next appt. wensday thanks for the advice i hope its worth it? janelle is still seizing 12-15 times a day she is maxing out on her dosages, i think our next step is a different approach with her formula? what types of procedures does your chiro do with your son? how long do the visit last? our neuro is thinking about adding another medication. have you been to an genetic department if so what did they think? we are waiting our's isn't until dec. my new neuro thinks it may be metobolic promblem? by the way do you have a myspace account? if check mine out- thanks shina

Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by sugarsue on Fri, 2007-07-13 - 06:58
I take my daughter to the chriopractor. We have a wonderful chiropractor who has been helping my daughters with their sensory issues and now he believes he can help with her newly diagnosed seizures. My only question is how I would know if it was helping if she was on medicine but also becuase most of her seizures we can't see. She has them all day long but I only am able to observe about one a day. I'm glad you have such good luck with yours!

Re: Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by stages mom on Sun, 2007-07-15 - 00:45
I noticed that my son who is a baby started having more regular sleep patterns. He use to sleep all day long. Also i committed to not increasing my sons meds anymore from that point on. I think you'll know. If your daughters are having less seizures I would imagine that there attention span and responses would be better. How old are your girls? Also I am glad that i stopped increasing my sons meds because he really started getting better from that point. I personally think that the meds made him sicker. In fact he is almost completely off of his phenobarb. Just zonegran and keppra left to kick. Oh yea! my son is also on the ketogenic diet. My chiro thinks it is really helping him because of the high fat. I guess fat acts as a protectant to nerves. Do your girls take fish oil? I hope you have good luck too. What are sensory issues?

Submitted by robl on Sun, 2007-07-15 - 01:49

Re: Re: Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by sugarsue on Sat, 2007-07-21 - 08:40
Hi again. My daughters both have Sensory Processing Disorder which is when they don't respond "normally" to sensory input and it causes behavorial issues and all kinds of different responses. It has made life at my house very difficult for the past few years but it's getting so much better now. My oldest (6) is being released from occupational therapy next month and is doing very well. My youngest (4.5 the one with the seizures) still has a ways to go. I give her Coromega Fish Oil every day with her seizure meds. I think I have noticed a positive difference when she takes it. She also takes melatonin and that helps her behavior and sleep a lot. Our neurologist didn't recommend the Keto diet for my dd because he said it was difficult especially for picky eaters. I wish I could take her more often to our chiropractor. I try to get there at least once a week but would rather go twice a week. My daughter really resists it but I don't know why. She is always so much calmer after her adjustments. I'm glad you are working your son's way off the meds! s

Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by janellesmom on Fri, 2007-11-09 - 01:16
is stage still seeing a Chiropractor ? and how old was he when you first started going? if i would be interested -when calling chiro's should i ask if they have experince with infants/seizures? did your chiro. specialize in anything regarding seizures or ever heard of decrease in seizures while getting therapy?

Re: Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by stages mom on Fri, 2007-11-09 - 09:27
Yes my son is still seeing a chiropractor. He was six months when he began, I only regret that I did not start him sooner. I was discouraged from his neurologist. They thought it would harm him. You will eventually learn that a lot of mainstream physicians do not recognize or appreciate "Alternative" methods. I really lucked out with my chiro. he is my moms chiro and he offered his services to me at no charge. I realize how fortunate I was to have that opportunity. Before I began with him he printed out countless reports of children who had epilepsy who showed significant improvement. Most chiropractors treat the whole family-healthy or not. I would try and search for some sort of chiropractic association and get reccommendatios. I will try and find out from our chiro if he has any suggestions. What state are you in? Stage is still seeing Dr. Hansen one day a week. It helps him out so much. If we miss an appointment his bowel movements are irregular and he seems less compftorable. I see the picture of your beautiful little girl. How old is she? Any diagnosis? What type of seizures? I have not had the opportunity to see many babies with epilepsy. My son was born with it. Not sure or why. Still has 10-12 seiz. per month. Increased this month was only having 6. A far cry from the more than 10 a day he use to have. Good luck.

Re: Re: Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by janellesmom on Fri, 2007-11-09 - 10:57
thanks, i've been reading past blogs you've posted our situations are alot simular my daughter is 6 months we are seeking a second opionin with an epilpsey specialist so far she has janelle on a b12 for a month and something else i cann't remember the name but it helps brake down proteins i believe? she has been on them for a week today is also her 2nd day phenobar. free!! she is still seizing averaging 10 a day but they are lasting seconds once in a while she will hold her breath. in a few days her neuro will prombly up her dose' like your son my daughter was born with seizures they weren't caught until she she 6 months with failure to thrive- still no answers she is beging to make eye contact and track very slowly, at least i think? she is crying to eat when before i practly had to force her to eat or place an N.G. i hope i get to see her smile i've been waiting for months. gosh you have came a long way looking back not to long ago you were going through some really hard times your son seem to do a 360 ! i'm glad w've discoverd this site its been my greatest therapy- none of my friends who are parents can't come close to what i've been through with my daughter-monthly shots and ear piercing teething "big whoopie" lets talk spinal tabs eeg's MRI's blood tests... shit it gets hard and those conversations are lame :) i tend to get bitter now and then sory. we live in califorina thanks for the replay :) i will do some research i hope sometime today godbless you and your baby. shina

I know what you mean with

Submitted by stages mom on Sat, 2007-11-10 - 09:38
I know what you mean with how hard things get. I'm not entirely sure that Stage has done a 360. He still has seizures, but are much less and his quality of life has seemed to improve. Yesterday he had 3 and this morning 1. I cried endlessly for months and some days still do. In fact I had to get up this morning because I couldn't go back to sleep because I was crying. This is probably the lonliest road I have ever been on. But it does get better. You adjust and you reach a level of acceptance. Which is where I am getting to. I have seen my son get an L.P. take him in for EEGs and all that good stuff too. You will amaze yourself with how strong you can be for your child. The only thing I really wish I would have done earlier on was to reach out to support groups. I contacted the ARC which has a organization called Parent to Parent. They hook you up with a experienced parent who's child has or had similar health issues. My sponsor parent is amazing she gives me so much hope and strength to draw from. I'm sure if you contact your daughters hospital or a social worker they will be more than happy to help. I was reluctant to seek help for the longest time and now I am glad that I reached out. Jamie (My sponsor parent) listens to everything I have to say. She knows, shes been there. Stage (my son) has been profoundly affected by his epilepsy and I hate seizures with absolute deep hatred. But I love my son and I can't get off this ride too soon. So I might as well enjoy it. I interact with my son the best I can. He is visually impaired so I give him candles to smell. Fur to touch. You name it. Is your daughter involved in Early Intervention Program with therapists? How is she developing? Every state has an early intervention program and you can probably get it. The therapy services will work wonders for your daughter. Please....Feel free to contact me any time. It would mean something to me if I thought I could help ease your pains and struggles because I didn't have that until now and it's helped. God bless you and your family.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by Gradyfam4 on Fri, 2007-11-09 - 11:58
My son is 3 and has been seeing a Chiro all his life. When he was diagnosed with E we found a Chiro in our area that worked with mostly childred. When we first stared going to the new dr. the started doing cranial adjustments via pressure point. I have noticed a huge differnce! My son is still having seizures but they are much shorter and intense. We have not adjusted him meds either. You should do it!!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Why don't people try chiropractic care?

Submitted by janellesmom on Fri, 2007-11-09 - 12:00
thank you i will definitly try.

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