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IDK if this is seizures

Thu, 04/16/2020 - 08:27
Hi, I’m new here & I was really hoping for other opinions that know/experience more of what I’m talking about. I’m 38/F & in Feb 2019, I was out to dinner with friends when I was just sitting & talking. I felt weird all of a sudden for just a sec & laid my head down on my bf’s shoulder. I stayed conscious & could see everyone but they were talking to me & it’s like I couldn’t hear them, I was completely zoned out. I just sat there staring, trying to make out what they were saying. I finally tried to answer them but for some reason, they were asking if I was ok but I wasn’t making sense. Anyway, I went to the Dr. was told it sounded like I had a seizure. I had lots of tests & scans, but they didn’t find anything & couldn’t make it happen again. During this past year, I haven’t experienced anything like that again but I do still OFTEN get that weird feeling again. It feels like I get deep chills or something so I sit wherever I’m at & just concentrate on something pretty hard & it tends to pass in the next few mins & then I’m fine. This has been going on for a year. My bf is the only one that can tell when it happens to me cause he says I kinda giggle weirdly for just a moment & stay zoned out for about 30 secs or so. Kinda make no sense when I come back around for the next few mins....but with this information, I don’t know if this really is seizures or could this be something totally different? With this pandemic right now I can’t go back to the Drs for a while so I’m just wondering if anyone has any comments. I guess this is just not what I think of seizures as being but then what do I know seeing as I’m the only person I know with this! I could really use some advice or comparison!


Thank you for sharing your

Submitted by birdman on Thu, 2020-04-16 - 21:56
Thank you for sharing your story.  I've had epilepsy all my life and when I tell others who know me that I still do have seizures I get the feeling from their response that most of them are shocked as if they too expect seizures to be something different.  They seem to think all seizures are the convulsion type.  There are many types of seizures.  I used to have the grand mal or "generalized tonic clonic" seizures but now most of mine are just faint sensations including a sour smell / taste.  You may do well to learn more about the various kinds of seizures by looking at a person understand that seizures can often be "partial" or "focal" it becomes easier to understand how seizures can strike in so many different ways.  Focal seizures are the result of excess activity in just a part of the brain, and the part where they happen effects the experience the patient has.Keep a good track of these strange experiences you are having and don't be afraid to share all your sensations with the doctor.  Seizures can produce unusual experiences.  And each patient is unique so yours may not be much like most of the other seizures you have heard of.

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