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Aspartame and seizures

Tue, 04/17/2007 - 16:47
Hi there I'm new to this site but not to Epilesy I'm 53 years old had it since I was 3 and I was going to mention that did any one on this site yet tell you all that aspartame can cause seizures. I didn't know that until about December of 2005 but ever since I stopped using it my seizures are much better. Well I hope that this group is understanding Pamela


The absolute best thing you

Submitted by pdxkmk on Sun, 2019-09-01 - 14:02
The absolute best thing you can do is to research fact-based, scientific studies by reputable organizations. I have sugar-free popsicles with Aspartame. I have, at the most, two a day. Is it going to give me a seizure? Based on case studies, no. And it never has.We all know that if you put 10 people with epilepsy in a room that you will have 10 different stories and situations. I highly encourage you to not go off of one other person's experience.

Re: Aspartame and seizures

Submitted by Pit player on Fri, 2007-04-27 - 15:22
I have heard this before as well, I have since started using splenda instead. I dont know if it's any better or worse, I have so few siezures that it's hard for me to guage that. Pit Player

Re: Aspartame and seizures

Submitted by pgd on Mon, 2007-07-09 - 21:09

Re: Aspartame and seizures

Submitted by GodivaGirl on Tue, 2007-07-10 - 07:44
Ya, Aspartame is horrible in many ways from what I've ever read. I switched over splenda when I started taking topomax - probably in 2002 or so, and since then it has made a difference. Don't know where u live, but it's nice to see where I am in Ontario they're even making yogurt & things like that with splenda. Gets frustrating reading lots of labels though. Oh ya, did u know almost all sugar free gums have aspartame in them? That's how I actually confirmed aspartame triggered seizures for me. I'd given up diet coke because it tasted like metal & still picked up a pack of gum. Blacked out from chewing gum...strange, huh!

Re: Re: Aspartame and seizures

Submitted by itsmyeviltwin on Tue, 2007-07-10 - 11:50
Actually neurologists are not in agreement on Aspartame. Probably Splenda will make somebody's hit list soon enough. My own neuro tells me a few diet drinks are fine, I like the PepsiOne too with Splenda myself. If I were having continued seizures, I also might might look into eliminating all additives...go completely organic to tell the truth. Too bad its so expensive. I try to buy free range chicken and I eat mostly veg now. And drink my weak ass coffee...LOL! Can't possibly give THAT up!!(gotta have once vice)

Re: Re: Re: Aspartame and seizures

Submitted by banffgirl on Tue, 2007-07-10 - 13:20
neuros may not all agree but when aspartane hit the marktet i started drinking diet drinks with it next thing you know i was in the hospital with a tc. neuro asked if any changes to life style since i had been under contrl. hubby said yes drinking new diet drinks, neuro said oh no, stay away from aspartane, you are the 3 rd person in here this week under control who drank that and had tc. so i stopped and didnt have another one till i was in my 40s. many years later. and yes i had been using splenda without seizures before my brain went bonkers and no one can contol it, now i pitty much drink water all day. banffgirll

But we really have to go by

Submitted by itsmyeviltwin on Fri, 2007-07-13 - 21:05
But we really have to go by broad based,controlled independent, big studies to really scientifically prove these things.... :) Theres an old saying in science anecdote is not the singular of data. meaning that your trigger or a dozen people's stories does not make a statistic ya know?' I'm not dissing what ya'll are saying, aspartame may well be a trigger for you, for many, just that its not a fair statement to say its 'bad for everybody and should be pulled off the market'. Lots of diabetics would have a rough time if we did that..and of course we can't pull a product without just cause. It has to be proven a problem and researchers cannot agree it IS a problem in moderation.

Re: Aspartame and seizures

Submitted by kathyc on Sat, 2007-07-14 - 00:31
well, i know that it triggers my migraines and my husband's seizures were a lot more prevelant til i read an article about aspartame, and he no longer drinks diet sodas. Water is a good thing. Tea, not far behind. all of us in my family have noticed a difference since not drinking diet drinks...

Re: Re: Aspartame and seizures

Submitted by kathyc on Sat, 2007-07-14 - 00:34
oh, and drinking from aluminum cans isn't so good for you either.... just another random 2 cents...

Re: Re: Re: Aspartame and seizures

Submitted by sydlee06 on Thu, 2007-07-26 - 23:10
My daughter started having very hard to control seizures in Nov 06, it was continually gettting worse. She had to be admitted to the hospital 3 times in March, the last time she was admitted I had read an article about aspratame and seizures and stopped allowing it in her diet. My husband is diabetic, so we used to have quite a few aspartame sweetened things in the hope, ie: pudding, jello, lemondate, ect.. She has not had a single seizure since stopping aspartame in her diet. Not one, and she previously had 3 to 27 tonic clonic daily and almost constant partial and absence seizures daily. Her neuro did not say much about it when I told her about it, but as for me that is proof enough. Not to mention that my migraines are almost non existant since I quit drinking diet soda. I wish it would get taken of the market, because now in a fight against obesity schools are even using it in lunches. Which means my daughter can not ever eat school lunches.

My sister spent a lot of

Submitted by itsmyeviltwin on Mon, 2007-07-30 - 03:12
My sister spent a lot of time on her recent visit trying hard to find a reason to blame my seizure on ME. :( Finally her blame and rationalizing made more sense when she she asked if my neuro mentioned if this was hereditary. Fear and stigma is everywhere, even family! I know she was operating on fear. But I can't remove every little bit of enjoyment from my life because it 'might'not be good for me. I guess if we (or others around us) can find some kind of list of all the things we 'may' be doing WRONG it makes it feel like maybe we could be in control of this stuff, eh? I don't believe one diet soda a day from an aluminum can is going to do a whole lot of damage to my health. I don't smoke and I don't drink BUT I do allow myself one caffeinated drink a day: either weak coffee or a Pepsi One. If I had 10.. yeah it no doubt would be a problem, knowing what I know about caffeine and E. I choose to read ACCREDITED research studies and browse PubMed and medical journals, I don't believe everything I read on a bulletin board or from the neighbor and I hope nobody does here either. Perspective is a good thing.

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