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Struggling with Seizures Dealing with the Truth

Sat, 10/20/2018 - 17:45
Hi! MY name is Sara I am 29 years old and I have seizures. I have been dealing with seizures for 7 years now. I just recently started getting them treated. What made me cave in and seek help was, my seizures was getting so bad, my job and everyday life working in a Pharmacy, was becoming affected "Hint Hint.. If you ask me about a drug I can tell you the side effects right off don't need to Google it LOL". Anyway my seizures started to spin out of control day by day so bad I started to become to get usr to having seizures and make seizures apart of my daily life. I am stubborn so stubborn that when people would tell me to see a doctor I took offense to what others would say to me. I pushed everyone away, friends and family anyone who showed me compassion. Did I already say I am stubborn. Just like my father. On June 18,18 I had the worst seizure of my life. The seizure that I had was so bad my body started to shut down. From what the EMT told me was that I was knocking on death door. I was not coming out of the seizure. After hearing this from the EMT and doctors who help me that day, you would think that info would be enough to shake some sense into my stubborn mind but "NO", that news had no affect on me at all. I just kept telling myself I am fine I am okay this is normal I don't need help I don't need meds. After that day my seizures became worst. I started having seizure 2-3 times a week. Back to back. I even blacked out in my shower I work up to my dog licking my face and whining because he thought I was dead. I got out of the shower put my clothes on and out the door on my motorcycle I headed to work like nothing happend. I started my pharmacy shift like any shift doing the usual getting patients, medications and refills. 3 hours into my shift I started feeling light headed and started seeing auras and I started to have memory loss I started to forget what I was doing. Soon after I started to stare out. I heard my name being called but I paid no attention. I remember the pharmacist walking over and grabbing me and placing on a stool. I woke up in the hospital. I remember the doctor walking in and saying to me. How long are you going to keep this stubbornness up. Your stubborn rebel attitude is going to lead you to an early grave. What she said to me shook me so bad. Her words to me exactly was "I will call the police I will report you because you are a risk to yourself and others I will have your driving privileges revoked and I will have your vehicle and motorcycle removed from your possession who the hell are you to put others at risk I will give you a choice you be hear for EEG and MRI tomorrow morning or I call the police now". I was piss and I felt my hand make a fist but I took a deep breath and I said okay. The next day I met with a doctor and he laid it to me straight you will kill yourself and to allow myself to let my seizures get this bad is horrible. He put me on Vimpat and sent me to another office where they did a EEG which came back normal. I was told to come in for a MRI which came back normal. I was told that just because it's normal does not mean anything. Based on my medical records and history and back to back emergency room visits due to seizures its epilepsy from what the doctors told me and it's noted in my file. The Vimpat was the best choice ever, my choice and recommendation, however it's very expensive medication. I told myself if I have to take medication it will be the best ones with no crazy side effects. I can sleep better and this is the first week I have not had a seizure or symptoms of a seizure. I have given up coffee which is a big trigger so I drink tea now though it's hard to resist the urge when I pass by a Starbucks. I am very thankful for finally getting myself help. I been living in denial about this for 7 years because I did not want to be labeled unstable or crazy because I take meds. My question to anyone who reads this Has anyone had MRI and EEG come back normal? I am a diagnosed epileptic based on my seizure history. So what's the point of the EEG or MRI?


I know that an MRI can show

Submitted by birdman on Sat, 2018-10-20 - 21:27
I know that an MRI can show or rule out causes of the seizures.  The way I understand it is that physical damage to the brain can result from birthing problems or accidents or maybe even strokes.  The seizures one experiences from these structural damages may be treated differently (surgically).   

My worst seizure I had i had

Submitted by Sara1989 on Sun, 2018-10-21 - 20:15
My worst seizure I had i had at work and another one at the hospital. My seizures was so bad I stopped myself from driving out of fear of killing someone. I was having seizures 2-3 times a week. My brain was fogged at work I could not focus because of seizure symptoms. I would try to fight it but lose everytime. I went to a support group and I met a young woman who had a seizure disorder she said her MRI and EEG came back normal. She stopped taking her meds after the doctors told her all her test was normal. 3 days later her husband found her in the kitchen on the floor shaking her eyes rolling back in her head. Her doctor told her she should have never stopped medications because she has a seizure disorder and a long history of having seizures. If you can answer this. Why continue meds if MRI/EEG comes back normal is it because the medication control the seizure so sometimes the MRI/EEG will come back normal or are MRI/EEG are not always 100%. I will think it's based off medical history not always by technology.

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