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18 Month old with seizures

Wed, 07/18/2018 - 21:33
My 18 month old has been struggling with absent seizures since the age of 4 months old. He started Keppra and trileptal in august of 2017. he has been very agitated with keppra they made suggestions of a strict Keto Diet. Has anyone had success doing the diet?


Trileptal is used for partial

Submitted by Amy Jo on Thu, 2018-07-19 - 15:07
Trileptal is used for partial seizures. Are you sure he has absences (which are a generalized seizure type) and isn’t actually having complex partials (which can look like longer lasting absences)? I have a child who has taken trileptal and a few other meds, that child’s initial partials were assumed to be absences but weren’t however absences showed up years later.It sounds like you might be working with an epileptologist. If not, consult one. Some kids get good results on keto but, similarly to meds, they can’t always tell who will respond in advance. If it helps, it might reduce meds required to control seizures or meds might not be needed. 

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