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looking for some feedback

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 20:23
Hey, im Ken. im 30 and have epilepsy as well have had a craniotomy when i was 23 for a Pilocytic astrocytoma that was in the center of my brain. Originally i was not diagnosed with epilepsy untill about 3 years ago when the seizures started. ive been in and out of nuerologist offices here in Jacksonville and feel that im getting the same right off ticket like i did in alabama when i use to live there with the baptist area and other localized doctors back there. this past thrusday i had the worst spill i've ever had with having a seizure for about 20 mins aswell as no memory or recollection of were bout's for about 2 hours. my father said i walked my self to the bath room but i dont remember any of that and i dont remember throwing up in the shower. when i came to i was infront of the toilet with massives amounths of blood everywhere from biting my tongue 10 ways to sunday with a huge deal linier split on the center right side. Since then of corse my pain is threw the roof with my tongue but what has me scared if my upper jaw... my whole row of teeth up what feels like in to my skull bloody hurts. there is thought that i bounced my face off the ground(solid oak wood flooring) because i was standing up when this seizure happen. Now i have had a couple grand mals over the last 2 years with each getting what seemingly a little worse each time with the first one just 24 hr memory loss, the 2nd to last one i did bite my tongue but was a small nick on the side, but i never have had this much pain from a seizure.... it was strong enough that last night when taking my carbamazepine and using my medical cannabis like i have for the last 5 months, i had a massive panick attack that put me in the hospital and now am taking ativan to keep calm and relaxed. My question is has anyone with epileptic events that strong and possibly with having a crainotomy ever experienced something that painful in there face?


Man sounds rough , I have bit

Submitted by johnlp on Wed, 2019-09-25 - 11:20
Man sounds rough , I have bit my tounge before as well and yea it hurts bad. After my seizures I walk around lost for 10 min. When I come back I have no idea whats going on sometimes i panic because I will be in diffrent room. When I bit my tounge I was sleeping pillow was full of blood.


Submitted by Vanyssatry on Sat, 2019-12-07 - 15:34
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