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Long Term Lamictal Use and Side Effects

Mon, 08/14/2006 - 23:08
Hi All, who among us has had to give up Lamictal after taking it a pretty good while? When I went on it around two years ago, I thought it was just the right med for me. Now I've started to struggle. My short term memory has gotten so bad, it's cost me two jobs. I'm always so dizzy, I feel as if I've had four or five beers. I've gone from the local Tabasco Kid to a diet so bland it would bore a baby. Go ahead and add in absentmindedness and clumsiness. Top it off with some plain old profound disorientation and major depression. In four or so months I'm a mess where I was a model. My new neuro just wanted to throw some Dilantin back in the med mix. (I'll die before that happens!) Help me out here folks. Anyone had Lamictal go sour on them? Or was it last years' brain surgery taking me for a roller-coaster ride? It's been a long time gone for me. I hope my Family of Buddies are all doing well. I'm happy to be back. Peace- marko


So sorry to hear your sad

Submitted by Siobhain2 on Fri, 2019-02-22 - 12:21
So sorry to hear your sad story Rob.  I've been on Lamictal for 10 years now.  I thought the depression was a totally separate issue.  The suicidal thoughts creep up on me suddenly.  I could be okay one day and then the next be planning a funeral that wouldn't cost my kids too much.   Question:  Does the cannabis not cause depression too? I've no objection to smoking it, but am sick of being so miserable.  Think the anti-depressants are causing weight gain which does not help matters.  Thanks for your comments.  Doesn't do much for you, but has helped me just to write this to you.  Like some of the people on here who suffer the side effects of Lamictal, I'm so afraid of sounding like a total idiot when I try to talk anyone.. (The way I lose my ability to remember words that I know perfectly well lends itself to  isolating myself).  ..... All of this adds up to SH*T life.  It's been a while since you've written this, so prob won't even see this post.  If you're anything like me you'll have forgotten which site was.  If you do see it, my name is Gemma Broughton and I'm on if you're on that too I'd love to hear an update from you.  I live in Ireland.

I've been tested for memory

Submitted by OTBfever on Fri, 2019-01-11 - 10:10
I've been tested for memory and cognitive mpairment and everything came back negative. My memory was so bad my boss pulled me into her office and talked of her concern regarding my forgetfulness which I secretly noticed. I made an appointment with my doctor because I was on lamictal for 15 years and wanted to ask if that could be the culprit. She said lamictal doesn't cause short term memory loss and did a cognitive test and failed with mild results.  She then referred me to a nuroligist hence all the testing. My job is at risk and I'm on leave until I can get a diagnosis. I still believe the lamictal has something to do with my impairment and will go through the motions until everything is exhausted. 

Lots of love to all you

Submitted by Pat campbell on Tue, 2019-02-05 - 23:56
Lots of love to all you sufferers out there. I have also had some ups and downs and self-doubt and relationship issues... I can't spell now and I was a high school English teacher... How is that for a joke. Sometimes I can add up but when I can't I know it's from a night time episode and then it comes right again. Nuro says stay away from any form of pot as it causes irreversible memory damage but at least it stops anxiety which triggers the Seizures anyway. I was very angry at myself and felt useless. Hang in there peeps and most of all, be kind to yourselves xxx

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