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Hair Loss and AEDs!

Fri, 09/11/2009 - 11:28

I am trying to find a different seizure medication with fewer side effects. I can't take Dilantin or Keppra, for some reason my body won't  tolerate them. I am on Topamax 100mg daily (50/50). I have lost lots of hair.  ...Enough to make 2 wigs. I am lucky that I had extremely thick hair a year ago. 

But enough is ANYONE out there familiar with a medication that DOESN'T cause hair loss?




Re: Hair Loss and AEDs!

Submitted by dbrown44 on Sat, 2012-03-17 - 11:11
I lost a lot of hair after the births of my children. It took forever (almost 2 years). I was taking AED meds. I found out later that the hair loss is a symptom of vitamin deficiency. A lot of these meds involve amino acid and sodium based parts. This can completely alter which vitamins and how they are absorbed.  I am not an expert on anything (obviously) but it may be worth it to check and see if adding higher doses of vitamins can counter the hair loss. I wish I had tried this much earlier.

I just started Vimpat 300 a

Submitted by Audra_59c712ad737ab on Sat, 2017-09-23 - 22:13
I just started Vimpat 300 a day, been on it only 2 months, 1 month ago I began to notice more hair in the sink and brush than normal.    I've been on Keppra 2000 for 7 years.  Has anyone experienced a lot of hair loss from the Vimpat?   I'm hoping the hair loss will dissipate after a few months once my body adjusts to it.  Thanks for the idea of taking prenatal vitamins, I'm going to try it!

Hi, this is my 1st post...the

Submitted by mmac92108 on Thu, 2019-03-21 - 21:59
Hi, this is my 1st post...the hair loss thing is unbelievable. I have been on trileptal since 2004. NO ISSUES...out of nowhere, my liver enzymes more than doubled, sodium/chloride deficiencies that landed me in the E.R.  & hair loss that would make me cry if I didn't cling to JESUS. Uugh!  Has anyone tried Rogaine 4 women? I started using it and my bangs are starting to fill in...get it in the foam and it works like the best mousse you've ever used! Your hair looks twice as thick while you're waiting...they say it doesn't work for approx. 20% of people but it's worth a try.  It takes a couple of months and you need to do it every day. Also, I noticed the loss got really bad when I quit my B12 injections so I started back up. Your Dr. can prescribe. Get it at the pharmacy and insurance should cover, if you aren't squeamish (I was @ first) you can give them to yourself....I'm thinking they work because Biotin is a B vitamin?? This website was really interesting as to why our hair falls out...the "natural" ways to stop a seizure actually made me laugh ("literally telling the seizure 'no'"  ha!) but the vitamins to take and avoid was helpful. you all for the suggestions and support...I have been a voyeur of this site for awhile and finally joined. Thanks again.

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