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Fri, 02/21/2020 - 15:31
i'm sorry if this topic already was. but i want to ask if some of you take clonezapam for epilepsy. i want to quit it, or minimize, but it the only one which helped me. please write your opinions and experience. thanks.


I take clonazepam for anxiety

Submitted by birdman on Fri, 2020-02-21 - 21:04
I take clonazepam for anxiety.  I was told years ago that this drug is not the most effective for long term seizure control as patients develop "tolerance" where the drug becomes less effective over time as patients get used to it requiring a higher and higher dose.  Of course I do not know your seizure condition but I think it is a wise that you are exploring other options.You have tried many other medications for seizures and clonazepam is the only one that seems to work.  I would bring up the "drug tolerance" concern with your doctor and ask how long doctor expects the therapy to work.  If you have failed too many other meds then you may qualify for alternative treatments.  I hope it goes well for you.

Hi,Thanks for posting.

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2020-02-24 - 09:19
Hi,Thanks for posting. Treatment and how the body may react to certain medications varies for each individual. Prior to making any changes to your treatment plan, it’s important that you talk with your doctor about your concerns and about reducing or weaning off of your medication.Your healthcare team can help you make the best and safest decision for you and your individual treatment plan. For additional information about clonazepam, please visit:

I was on 40mg daily. Be very

Submitted by katec1 on Wed, 2020-04-15 - 13:12
I was on 40mg daily. Be very careful, the withdrawal for some, maybe not you, can be horrid. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Make a plan with your dr to get off safely, if that is what you want to do.

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