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Fri, 12/14/2018 - 02:21
My boyfriend is 23 years old and was diagnosed epileptic as a child. His father died when he was in high school and mother is in rehab, so no familial support. He has no insurance and since living in Wyoming isn’t eligible for Medicaid. Recently he has what we both believe to have been a seizure, he last remembers washing his hair in the shower and then waking up in his bed in terrible pain. His jaw hurts, he had bruises on his shoulder and back and his back still hurts a lot and this was two weeks ago. I don’t know how to get him medical help. He can’t afford medical bills and is already in a lot of student debt. He refuses to accrue more bills but I’m really worried about him. What can I do? Can I take him to the ER and try to waive the fee if he can prove he can’t pay? Any other ideas? I’ve run out


Yes, you can take him to an

Submitted by epihelp on Fri, 2018-12-14 - 12:50
Yes, you can take him to an ER for an urgent evaluation, but most of the workup for epilepsy is actually done on an outpatient basis. Best to call local hospital and ask for financial assistance. Meeting with a social worker would help. They can connect with local resources and see if he would be eligible for federal or state aid.  If he is having more seizures and not connected with a doctor, contact local ER. Try our 24/7 helpline too to get help on cost of medicines

Have you tried applying for

Submitted by msanders21989 on Sun, 2019-02-10 - 18:22
Have you tried applying for social security disability benefits?

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