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heavy metal chelation

Hello First time posting,I have a 4 year old boy that started having SZ. 3 years ago. He has been drug resistance ,so far we have tried over 10 meds. he is on lamictal 100mg morning 125mg night , Tileptal 3mL. morning and evening We have just added Trileptal ,he has been on Trileptal for 2 weeks today and has been SZ. free 10 out of 14 nights ,wich for us is the most control we have ever had with any med. His Neuro. is recommending the New VNS . He has a normal MRI ,he is not a candidate for surgery at the moment. Genentic Testing is normal . His SZ. are during sleep ,nap, or on awaking . We have tried Keto diet ,gluten free ect. We recently started seeing a holistic doctor ,he had a sample of his hair sent too a lab for heavy metal testing ,and my sons test came back with really high levels of ,Mercury ,Arsenic,Cadmium,Aluminum,and a few others . I did not trust the results so I had testing done ,from another Lab and same results came back high metals again so I believe the results. I have shared the results with his Neuro. at Childrens Hospital ,and she has been very dismissive saying she doesn't know much about heavy metal toxicity. The holistic Dr. is recommending ,a natural slow chelating agent, Modified Citrus Pectin, and few minerals ,he says this is the safest way for a young boy with refractory epilepsy to chelate . Does anyone have any thoughts on this ? It seems mainstream medicine does not pay much attention too Heavy Metals causing SZ. ,are we too ignore the results . Any thoughts ? Warm Regards Sandy


Metal Free is one of the best

Submitted by mhyde on Mon, 2017-09-25 - 16:55
Metal Free is one of the best and safest ways to detox heavy metals from the brain and nervous tissue.  My daughter is 14 and had her first Tonic Clonic seizure last November.  We opted out of doing drugs as I wanted to know  the cause of why a 13 year old would suddenly start having seizures.....she tested for Heavy metals as well ( FYI there  ARE heavy metals in vaccines - she only had two when she was young but she reacted to the Prevnar vaccine) Anyway we knew this before we talked to Neurologist and he denied that heavy metals had anything to do with it, which is crazy.....they'd be at least contributing to it in an organ that is electrochemical in nature..metal conducts electricity.....idiot.   So we started her on the metal free and and then added hemp CBD oil and she went 4 months with not even an absent seizure.   It takes a lot of time to detox out heavy metals and you have to make your not getting new exposure.  She was recently exposed to candy and some colored drink which she knows she can't do and had a grand mal seizure.  When I tested her right after her seizure she showed titanium and interestingly enough CANDY shows High levels of toxicity from nanoparticle titanium.  Children test highest for titanium toxicity  from eating candy which contains high levels of it.  We did keto for 6 months and then she needs to be wheat free as the wheat is highly inflammatory as well as sugar.   So she eats low amounts of gluten free now and we are adding back brain octane oil.  

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