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Having an issue I could use help with

Ok, I'm new here. I'm pretty scared right now with something I'm experiencing and am looking for feedback. I'm 40. I've had seizures since I was 16 due to head trauma. I've always sometimes had auras before the seizures. The original auras consisted I'd just an icky, paranoid feeling and I didn't want to be alone. Kinda like that "impending sense of Doom" feeling some people describe. That lasted for a few years, then the auras were just tastes in my mouth. Now just 2 days ago I started having something weird happen. It started out with me feeling like I've stopped breathing and woke up out of breath. I've also been having very unpleasant dreams. And it's not so much the dreams, it's the.....icky feeling after it that lingers. It reminded me of those "impending sense of Doom" feelings I used to get. Just weird and scary. Some people might think I'm crazy. I've read today about a correlation between nightmares and seizures and about some kind of "sleep seizure". I've only had partial complex and absence seizures. But these weird feelings are scaring the heck outta me. My mind goes to things like brain tumors and such. I also have NF since I was about 2. I've only ever had birth marks from it, but a lot of people in support groups said they never got tumors til in their 40s. Now that really bothers me. I've made another appointment. But in the meantime, can you guys give me any feedback about what's going on. I promise I'm not crazy. I don't think so anyway. Thanks

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