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First seizure

Hello, I have been reading the posts doing the looking for answers thing like so many others. Here is my story. I am a 35 year old male, don't drink or smoke, and have never done any drugs. I woke up with the Paramedics working on me telling me I just had a seizure. I was in the hospital for four days before they let me go home. I had the EEG, it was normal, blood work showed my potassium was low. CT shows a small calcium deposit on the frontal lobe. The Neurologist did not act concerned with any of this. I just had another EEG, it also normal, a MRI, and a MRA. The MRI and MRA results will not be given until my next apt. I have had the aura feeling such as da sa view before but did not know how to explain it. Until I had one in front of my wife, she made me see the Dr. Naturally the Dr looked at me like I was a freak and said I needed to see a Neurologist. The Neurologist ordered all the tests and when he heard I drove for a living wanted to put me on meds. I had been looking up the info on the meds and found out I could no longer drive wile on them, so the stress level went way up. When the seizure happened I was thinking about everything and was stressing out. I had no aura before it, I did not make a sound or bite my tong, or loose bladder control. While in the hospital my blood pressure was quite low so they took me off the bp meds that I had just started. I had been reading about low potassium and read it can cause, auras, low blood pressure, and seizures. The Dr. did a spinal tap to see if the calcium deposit is the Mexican brain worme, since I have never had a head injury. I suppose I will find out more next week, I hope.


Re: First seizure

Submitted by EarthMonkey on Sun, 2007-09-30 - 01:19
You can drive while on anticonvusants. You just need to be aware of the fact that they cause fatigue and can effect your response time.

Re: First seizure

Submitted by CRUELLA on Sun, 2007-09-30 - 17:16
well I get auras, but have had them since 17 but never had a fit until last year. I wasn't told about low blood pressure or low potassum causing auras and what it the mexican brain worm, I have had a head injury as a child, but cat scan was normal, and there was no sign of any abnormalities. I do bite tongue, but life is getting back to normal, although I cannot drink so much, it lowers the threshold of the fits. apparently. good luck anyway

Re: First seizure

Submitted by lisaltstheresa on Mon, 2007-10-01 - 10:12
Depending on what state you are in really depends on driving or not. But you should not drive when you just had a seizure. You could kill yourself or others. here are the rules for your own state. take care Lisa http:/

Re: First seizure

Submitted by jches on Mon, 2007-10-01 - 10:53
Well, the problem with driving is I am a truck driver. It is my truck and trailer and customers. I have done this for nineteen years. I do know if the word "epilepsy" is used it is a lifetime ban. I do understand why and the last thing I want to do is hurt or kill someone on the road. I am so very grateful the seizure did not happen on the road. It happened at a family gathering in front of all the in-laws. My sister-in-law is a nurse and knew exactly what to do. I know you cannot drive a truck on any form of seizure medication. The only hope for keeping my business if I am diagnosed with something else that is correctable. I never gave seizures a thought. I do feel for the ones who have to deal with it everyday. I even found a tacky web sight were the jerk fakes seizures in public and someone records peoples reactions.

Re: First seizure

Submitted by jches on Mon, 2007-10-01 - 11:54
Info on Mexican Brain Worm

Re: Re: First seizure

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2007-10-01 - 12:08
Did you put this link here for info to others or questions you had? Neurocysticercosis is a cause of seizures in some people, but as this article points out, there are very specific risk factors for this. Luckily there is research being done, I think funded by the Centers for Disease Control in the US to look at this problem in more depth.

Re: Re: Re: First seizure

Submitted by jches on Mon, 2007-10-01 - 14:50
I just put the link on because the Dr. did do a lumbar puncher to check for this. The CT showed a calcium deposit and I do travel a lot thorough the border states. I had never heard of this until the hospital visit and Creulla questioned what it was.

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