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FDA DR & MEDICATION LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your new to Epilepsy be careful about the treatment you get & who your getting it from. Show this document to your doctors if you can understand it after reading here's the link You can only get Epilepsy or seizures 3 ways. 1. You are born with it. 2. You had an injury. 3. You are having allergic reactions to something internal or external (drugs, foods, air, etc) I have learned a lot about epilepsy on my own & whatever else from my DR's. Not only about the condition, treatments & decisions but a lot of misguided information & diagnoses. The FDA is making a misguided "bad" choice releasing the distribution of generic drugs for patients with Epilepsy. They are the NOT the same as Brand name drugs. Taking Generic branded anticonvolesants drugs will create seizures. This has been being asked since 1999. Still not being recognized or further investigated by the FDA. Even when being questioned still. Generic drugs are not the same as Brand name which this country makes & will charge to much for you to afford to bring a open market in which you will choose & create your own problem "seizures" that will go unexplained. A good Dr will take test, diagnose your seizures, catagorize your type, and get you the right treatment if somethings found after test. Cancers, tumers ,drugs, alcohol. You will get treatment for that type. Takes the drivers license away for a year if you "blackout ONLY" from your seizures (pending state &/or seizure frequency) & are not in control of. Take a medicine, seizures stops, stop taking medicine. A bad DR. bullies a patient & will continue the use of medicine even when seizure activity is not present for over a year. They will talk you into thinking your dying from seizures or epilepsy "That would of been found out on your test results." or you will suffer STATIC EPILEPTUS if you don't take medicine for epilepsy "your not". Choosing medications is a way to sell you drugs that will destroy you not CURE YOU. switch medications from brand to generic while seizures are under control & it will cause a problem "reoccurence in seizures" then the Dr has an excuse to continue your use of seizure medications. & threaten your driving privileges again and again. Knowing that this is being done. There are also Side Effects "short term & long term" from these medications that are going to devastate the/a patient taking them. Yell at your Dr, cuss &%# him out if he does not listen to you if you complain of them. Get a attorney. I under stand some patients are harder to control than others. Some treatments, medicines will work. But to keep trying medications for 10 years straight to find the right one because your being told it works with out a CURE, just treatments, pill, & test etc etc etc etc.. That's not a good choice. If you are not afraid to go without a drivers license for up to a year as long as you don't "blackout" or have any " loss of contionsness" you can live with Epilepsy, without destroying your mind from FDA drugs & being fooled by a bad Dr. Mistakes can also cause seizures. Good luck with your choices & decisions

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