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My boyfriend gets seizures when stressed

Tue, 04/30/2019 - 12:03
My boyfriend and I are both 20yrs old and have been dating for roughly 2 years . He has had epilepsy since he was 17yrs old . He’s currently in school for automotive and isn’t working . We both still live with our parents and are striving to live with each other soon . So my bf was originally told by his doctors(when he was 17) that he gets epileptic seizures when he’s stressed . They didn’t happen too much when we first started dating , only in the summer because his body would get over heated . Now they happen much more frequently , maybe everyday , for a week a month . My concern is his trigger . When we get in a arguement in which we don’t speak to each other for a few hours , it seems to stress him out so much that he’ll start to feel depressed , then he starts to black out and seize . With that one event , leads to a whole week of seizures . Last time we had an argument , that night he didn’t sleep enough , next day he went to school and blacked out , had 3 seizures in class and couldn’t remember where he was . They had to take him to the hospital and later that day we found out he had a total of 10 seizures since arriving there . Now with him going to school he has to leave to class because he keeps blacking out and seizing . Can anyone give me advice on how to help ? Our arguements aren’t crazy either , we just need space every once and a while when I have pms but it negatively reacts with him and I’m scared to be vocal about how I feel about things because I don’t want to push him to a negative point . Please , Im very open to any advice !


Hi Mswilly,Thank you for

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2019-05-03 - 12:32
Hi Mswilly,Thank you for sharing your experience. We encourage your boyfriend to reach out to his doctor to discuss possible triggers and the increase in seizure activity. My Seizure Diary is a great tool  for tracking seizures and other symptoms he may be experiencing, which may be helpful when communicating with his doctors. He can also share his seizure diary with you and other families members to help keep track of any changes in behavior, or seizure activity that you notice as well. It also important for you as a caretaker to make sure you’re taking care of yourself as well.The Wellness Institute provides tools & strategies to better assist your loved one and support you in your important role. Additionally, our national 24/7 hotline can also answer questions you may have and assist in connecting you to local & national resources.  

I have a friend who has been

Submitted by Sravani75 on Wed, 2019-05-15 - 05:46
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Really very sad...Wanna help

Submitted by Sony_5cdce839851e7 on Thu, 2019-05-16 - 00:46
Really very sad...Wanna help you out, sure I'll find some time to explain it clearly.

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