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Losing time and feeling lost with realty after my Auras but still aware of what happened.

Sun, 03/11/2018 - 14:05
I'm 35yr old and one day 6 yrs ago, I woke up on the couch and my partner said to me that I had just had 6 seizures and he had taken me to the ER twice already. Werid, bc I didn't remember anything. At first, without running test, doctor's said I was having psuedo-seizures, seizures I brought on myself through stress, lol.... Well, I finally got a REAL diagnosis after 2 yrs of episodes on a daily basis. I have them all the time, anyhow, I have complex and generalized partial seizures. I am not always aware of my Auras bf I have a full blown seizure but sometimes I am very aware and can tell bf I have one. Here lately, I have been having my auras on a daily basis. They cause me to have the anxiety and worried feelings all day. Sometimes I will seize with the auras , sometimes I very aware of the aura and it just passes then I'm ok, and then sometimes I am a lil confused with reality and my aura and time and age and where I'm at in life( kinda hard to explain) but know I was having auras but not seizing. Is this ok or anyone else go through this? Or is something wrong that is causing these auras all the time, even without having a full blown seizure?? There really isn't a reason for the anxiety or worried feeling, they happen at the best times in life and down times, the auras are biased with situations in my life. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


You said you were diagnosed

Submitted by birdman on Sun, 2018-03-11 - 21:20
You said you were diagnosed with "complex and generalized partial seizures".  Did doc mention anything about simple partial seizures?  Today they are starting to also call them "focal aware seizures" as these episodes do not impair awareness like the complex partial seizures ("focal onset with impaired awareness").  Most people start by referring to them as "auras" or warnings of oncoming seizures.   It is helpful to realize that these are seizures that can remain "localized" and not go any further in the brain and not develop into much stronger symptoms.  Or they can go on to become "generalized" and effect the whole brain, or just move to another location and become complex partials or seizures with impaired awareness.   I have these simple partial seizures once in a while and nobody knows it. When I started to have them as a child, >40 years ago, I was very scared and panicked, "Oh Oh, Mom here I go again".  But a few things happened: I didn't want everyone's attention and I wanted to have greater control.  So I tried to relax and take deep breaths.  Later as I better understood what was happening I was able to relax more.  They still are very scary events but they are just symptoms of a greater problem.No one needs to be afraid because they usually go away on their own.  But I need to take them seriously (and so do you) as they indicate there is uncontrolled excess activity still happening.  No, we can't be anxious about them happening, but we do need to record them and mention them to the doctor as they give a good indication of how well a treatment is or is not working.  By keeping a good record of these events it can be determined if a treatment should be changed.  You asked if something is wrong that these "auras" happen all the time.  Yes, it is an indication that there is a condition that needs to be treated.  But at the same time having the auras or simple partial seizures without generalization or without losing awareness like you did in the past is an indication that a treatment is having a positive effect.  Hopefully you are one of the 70% or so that can get comfortable control without surgery.  I wish you well.

auras are warning to people

Submitted by just_joe on Mon, 2018-03-12 - 21:53
auras are warning to people with epilepsy that they might have a seizure. They are seizures periodResearch the different types of seizures and you could be having many different seizures.If you were diagnosed did the doctor prescribe medications to control them? If not then you do need to find  neurologist that can do that

I think that is what I’m

Submitted by dkb547 on Mon, 2019-06-24 - 19:08
I think that is what I’m afraid of , they don’t want to get deep into WHY you’re having these , they just throw drugs in your face and say take these , I don’t want drugs , I want to know why they are happening. 

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